Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I need to blog...

... about our trip to Atlanta, about my birthday, my quilt that I made for the Mikey-boy, about all the tricks Mikey can do (although I am not convinced people are as excited as I am that he can sit unsupported for a whole minute already (sometimes... its kinda inconsistent) or that he snores opposite his dad so when they nap on the couch it's adorable), and about mine and Jake's life.
But you know, I want to be more articulate... turns out that's not my strong point. But don't worry- I'll make myself post even if it sounds stupid and I can't get my point across. So be excited- probably 3 or so posts soon.

Stay Tuned.

Shout out to our wonderful cousin Mirielle for our great family pictures! Thank you so much! Love you.