Friday, April 3, 2015

Busy Birthdays

(okay this post is like almost three months late because my internet sucks and everytime I tried to upload pictures it crapped out. my bad. Enjoy anyways!)
Oh have these last few months been busy or what! Canadian Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Christmas, Adam's Birthday, New Years, Natalie's Birthday. Whew. I am so glad that I don't have another birthday celebration to plan until June. (Yay for Jake)

So! I am finally going to share Adam and Natalie's birthday festivities with the world! World, are you excited? You should be because they were awesome! (next time maybe I'll blog about Christmas. Stay tuned. But at the same time, I wouldn't hold my breath.)

Adam turned 2! I can't believe it. And yet, I can't believe that that chunky little dude is only 2. It's conflicting. On Adam's actual birthday we had some cake and presents and we ate hot dogs because I don't think he loves anything as much as hot dogs. For real. It's no wonder he's the size of a small truck haha. I also made him a football cake and while it was delicious, I am not sure that the frosting was worth it.

Adam loves football. Seriously. L-O-V-E-S loves it. So naturally, we did a football birthday party for him! I was basically working on the decorations from December 26 until his party, which was on the 3rd of January. It doesn't look like a ton of decorations but it took forever. It would that the season wore me out and it took everything I had to do the party, even as slowly as I did it.

We gave each of the kids monopoly money and they had to "buy" their food. Well some of it. The popcorn, fruit cups, nachos, drinks and cupcakes were for sale. The other food you just got to eat.
I love these cupcakes so much. That are pretty much adorable.

We also had hot dogs, jello cups, french fries and sliders. Jake put the concession sign up for me and I made a comment about how I would've done it differently but it was still good and Jake was like Oh you just don't have my artistic vision. Haha

The Happy Birthday banner and some of his presents! (The banner is still up because I am too lazy to bring a chair into the living room to take it down. It's okay though, I think Adam loves it)

Jake told me that I should just do it all BYU football themed but I couldn't. I wanted to but I  decided that it might be nice to do a generic party. Plus, green, brown, and white looks nice. And it's way cheaper. But notice the wall color and the BYU picture on the wall. We love BYU over here. Adam and Mikey have started to say Go Cougars with out any prompting. So proud.

I made a few little games but mostly the kids just ate and climbed on the elliptical. It worked out.
We had a great turn out but I didn't get pictures of the littles because, well, I wanted to eat and visit. But I think everyone had a great time and I know that Adam loved it!

Now, on to Natalie's party. Although what is a word for an event that party just doesn't do justice to. I know that it wasn't massive as Logan standards go but it was big for here. We had about 100 people come and it was lovely. Jake's dad flew in from Hawaii and cooked for everyone and Hannah, Eliza and Tiere (is that how you spell her name?) performed at the party and we had decorations and music and it was great. Natalie definitely didn't make a full round and a lot of people mentioned to me that they didn't get to see her at the party and can you believe this!? I was so busy that I didn't even get a picture of her at the party. It was a completely nuts day and as much as I liked it, I am so glad it's over. The party was supposed to start at 5 and we went to start setting up at 1. I had all the decorations planned out to use long tables and what do you know, all there were were rounds. So my lovely sister in law ran to the store for us (which takes a long time because we live a good amount of time from it) to get round table cloths and then we didn't have the correct cords for the music and yeah, it was stressful. I also ran out of time decorating the cupcakes and I ran home to change at about 5:10. Yeah, you read it right. The party started at 5 and I didn't even get dressed for it until 5:10. I was stressed out man.
Another sad note, I finally had calmed down enough to remember to take pictures and everyone started cleaning up already! So the pictures leave something to be desired but here they are none the less.
We had a fondant flower making party. I wish I would've got a better picture of the cupcakes but they turned out really cute

Hauoli la hanau (happy Birthday in Hawaiian) We also had a Who does she look the most like with pictures of Jake, Mikey, Adam and me at one year old and  Natalie through the year with pictures from each month of her life.

I know I did these so it sounds kind of vain but I am truly obsessed with the decorations I made. It took forever but it looked so cute that it was worth it

These are the centerpieces after they got moved from the center of the tables haha

Thanks for reading!