Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I need to blog...

... about our trip to Atlanta, about my birthday, my quilt that I made for the Mikey-boy, about all the tricks Mikey can do (although I am not convinced people are as excited as I am that he can sit unsupported for a whole minute already (sometimes... its kinda inconsistent) or that he snores opposite his dad so when they nap on the couch it's adorable), and about mine and Jake's life.
But you know, I want to be more articulate... turns out that's not my strong point. But don't worry- I'll make myself post even if it sounds stupid and I can't get my point across. So be excited- probably 3 or so posts soon.

Stay Tuned.

Shout out to our wonderful cousin Mirielle for our great family pictures! Thank you so much! Love you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I have been...

actively pursuing my dream of being a photographer. I have done 4 shoots in the past 2 weeks.

And I am so thrilled.

Who knew following dreams could be so fantastic?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guess what Mikey can do now...

He can do a mini baby push up! Now, I fully understand that people don't care about that the way that Jake and I do but its exciting to see Mikey progress, even if its just a little thing- plus he looks cute. I mean for reals, check out that face.
(also, how cute and big are his lips in these pictures?)

Baby Blessing

On Sunday, the 9th, we blessed the Mikey Boy! It was such a great day for us. It was so fun to see him all dressed up in the little white tux that my mom bought years ago and it was great for us to see so many of our friends in one place. Jake did a wonderful job with the blessing, I am still so proud of him and even though he said he was nervous, I personally don't think anyone could tell.
Luckily, Mikey slept through the whole blessing and woke up right after they got back to our seats- excellent. That little boy is just amazing.

The Happy Family!

Here is the best picture of Mikey from the front. I didn't get the pictures I really wanted because there were too many cooks in kitchen so to speak. But you can see the cumberbun and little bowtie. It has the cutest little buttons and lapels. I just love this tux!
Oh! And potentially the best part of the tux- the tails. Seriously, adorable. And I love it. And him. And Jake. And I love that we are a little family! I am so grateful for both of them everyday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I cannot even begin... express how happy this little boy makes me.
Isn't he just adorable? That smile brightens my entire day.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Its an Update!

Here is an update!
He got a new job! He starts tomorrow. I think its going to be way better, mostly because it isn't set hours so that will be easier to work around. The only downfall is what if he gets too busy to work... you know? He is doing school still- graduating in April which is very exciting because that means he will get, at the very least, a full time job so maybe we could afford to move...? Keep your fingers crossed. Jake is pretty great dad and is beyond willing to do anything that means he can spend time with Mikey boy.
I am not up to a lot. I started to work for Primerica which is cool. I am not sure that I am the right personality type for it but we'll see what happens. My wonderful friend Bri might have gotten me a job that I can do from home which would be all kinds of exciting. I am very excited about the fall- its my favorite season :D Also, we got cable so I get to watch the BYU football games. I am very excited, unfortunately this season hasn't been the greatest but I still love to watch. I am constantly online looking for a new apartment but I haven't been able to find any that I think will actually work- plus Jake doesn't want to move. I also stay at home with the Mikey all the time- its so fun and I just love that little kid.
He just had a visit from my dad and step mom and brother. He loves his Uncle James which was fun to see. Today he got blessed (pictures are coming) which was so great. Jake did a great job and Mikey was just a doll in his blessing tux. He has his parents wrapped around his little finger and I am pretty sure he already knows it. He has started to smile which just shows how mischievous he will turn out to be- for example, he'll pee in the tub and then give a big toothless grin and start to laugh. Tsk tsk. He gets his first round of immunizations on friday so wish me luck- I hear its more traumatic for the parents than the baby.

Well, all in all, we are pretty great. Jake is doing school and working hard to provide for us. I am staying at home with Mikey mostly, working parttime for Primerica and just learning how to be a house wife/mom, and Mikey is just ruling the house in every single way. Its a good life. We are pretty happy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just thinking...

You ever sit on day and think about your life? Think about where your life is, how close to what you expected it would be, look at your goals and maybe reevaluate?
Well, I do that a lot, and normally I think "Hmm, not bad. It could definitely be worse."
Last night, when I was waiting for Mikey-boy to fall asleep I thought about my life goals and you know what I realized?
My life is pretty much exactly where I wanted it to be. I have always had a list of goals and these are the top ones- the ones that I am not really willing to change.
(these are in no particular order)
- graduate high school- preferably early
- get into BYU
- get married in the temple
- have kids
- go to Europe and see a Shakepearean play in the Globe Theatre (don't worry, I know its not the original, blah blah blah- just let me dream okay?)
- go to a Disney park
- be a photographer
- graduate college

Now- check this out. The bold are the ones that I have reached...
- graduate high school- preferably early
- get into BYU
- get married in the temple
- have kids
- go to Europe and see a Shakespearen play in the Globe Theatre
- go to a Disney park
- be a photographer (this one is partially bolded because I am actively working on this goal but I haven't reached it yet- so if you know anyone that wants some free pictures done to give me experience that'd be cool...)
- graduate college

So of the goals that I haven't reached Europe seems pretty far fetched- and you know, having kids makes that dream a little harder to reach but I guess its all in the priorities, sacrifice one goal for something greater, and you know what, I don't regret it- so I guess maybe I am willing to change that one... And graduating from college- I only have 2 semesters left!

So now I ask you, I am completely happy with my life and soon my list will be mostly complete- what do I do then?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ode to Jake...

So you know how everyone always says that they have the best husband in the world? Well I believe that is totally possible- shouldn't everyone think that their husband is just the bee's knees? I know that I think Jake is pretty much the best thing in the world. And let me tell you why.
If you are reading this blog, you probably know me at least a little bit and so then you know that I tend to be a little hard to handle sometimes. :D Well Jake is just so patient with me all the time- its amazing. Here is an example- when we were dating and talking about marriage, I literally gave him a list of proposals that I would say no to on principal. (For example- no scavenger hunt, don't make me exercise first, don't put the ring in the food, not in front of family, blah blah blah) I mean I was only being half serious- I of course would've said yes but I would not have been pleased. Well it turns out later that I may or may not have listed how he wanted to propose. Oops. But he took it in stride and the proposal was fantastic.
Then we got married and he is just the most patient husband and he just does everything- it makes me feel like a junky wife sometimes but he is totally willing to make dinner, do the dishes, make the bed, etc. (The only thing he won't actually do is the laundry which is okay I suppose)
And when I was pregnant he totally took care of me all the time. He drove me everywhere, he let me sleep all the time, he was sincerely worried about me and did all he could to make sure I was comfortable, he was so sweet. It made a hard time way better.
Now we have a baby! And Jake is just a cute dad. Jake stays up half the night with Mikey so I can get some sleep, he holds him, cuddles him, changes his diaper probably as much if not more than I do, burps him, helps bathe him, and he just plays with him all the time. (Currently he is teaching Mikey how to stand and how to grip... he holds him under his arms and helps him hold up his head, which he actually does pretty well on his own, and then counts to three and stands him up for as long as Mikey will lock his knees. I think its real funny. And Jake is trying to get Mikey's left hand grip tighter than the right so he can be a lefty like Jake. Silly)

Cute right? I just love my boys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Bath. What a Joy.

We gave Mikey his first bath this morning. It was fairly traumatic for him. The poor little guy is too small for the tub we have (He is really so small- we took him to the doctors today for his 2 week check and he is in the 26 percentile for weight and the 51 percentile for length- 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long)
You can kinda tell if you look closely, behind my hand Mikey is seriously bugged with us. Just check out that look in his eyes

He kept slipping sideways and so Jake had to hold him while I bathed him... except for during the pictures obviously.

So I hear that when Jake was little he was a frog for Hallowe'en for a few years in a row or something, so his mom bought Mikey a frog robe! How cute right?
He was clearly still upset after the bath, it was probably a little chilly for him. I know I am normally pretty perturbed when I get out of a nice warm shower and then I freeze until I get dry and dressed. (This picture it probably my favorite of Mikey- I know his face is pretty covered but I think its seriously so cute, plus check out his fat cheeks)

So, we finish the bath, we lotion him up, put him in a onesie, gloves, and socks, swaddle him and Jake takes him over to the computer to hang out with him while I make some breakfast. It has been maybe 3 minutes when I walk over to see them and Mikey is making his "poo face"-Oh well, I hear thats just the way it is these days, at least it didn't get on either of us.

But seriously, how funny is this face?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't think there is anything cuter than a baby in footsie pajama's....

... especially Mikey in them.

Isn't he just adorable?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Ma`iola Logan aka Mikey. Born August 10 2011, 5:16pm, 18.5 inches, 7 lbs 6 oz.

I wish that you could all see how long his eyelashes are, how dark his eyes are, and (my personal favorite) how chubby his cheeks are. He is so adorable. These pictures are just not sufficient! (In my humble and completely unbiased opinion)

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Pregnancy Projects! (sorry- its a long one)

About 8 weeks ago, my doctor recommended that I quit my job, stop going to school and just "take it easy", all the while remembering that there will be time for all that later and right now I should just be taking care of myself and the baby. I am not going to lie- I was excited. Ever since my dad felt I was old enough to have a job (which in fact, did not correspond with when I felt I should have one, or when I actually got one) I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could not work and have it be acceptable. Well let me tell you, it really isn't that great. I have been SO bored. After about a week of doing nothing, Jake and I decided that I needed a list of things to do- my pregnancy projects! And guess what! I am 8 days off from my due date and I have officially completed them all- including one that I wasn't anticipating completing before our baby was born.
- First on the list was a baby afghan! I have wanted to make one of these ever since my niece Faith was born. I think they are so cute but they are way more expensive than the regular baby cross stitches I make. So when I got pregnant I told Jake that this was what I was going to do. We went to Michael's (probably my favorite store) and tried to find a pattern for one that we both liked, which did not happen. So we designed one! And here it is!

Mickey is one of my favorites- I think he turned out really cute.


Aladdin... I think he is my least favorite but it turned out better than I thought he would

This I just finished today and I LOVE it. I like to mix the colors when I do words and I think that Jake wasn't thinking he would like it but he does- or at least he says he does which is just as good to me.

Simba! He is our favorite! We both love him and I think he is totally cute.

Tarzan... a little scary... but I had a hard time finding a picture of him to use.

Stitch- I personally don't like Stitch at all. I think the movie is stupid and I think he is weird but Jake loves it. You know, the whole Hawaiian pride thing I think plays a role in this one. But he is pretty cute here too.

- I completed two Independent Study Art History classes. And I did well. I am pleased. I don't think that I learned as much as I would have if I have taken the class on campus but that's okay. The classes were harder than I thought they would be but it was worth it because it should shorten my college career by a semester! Wahoo!

- a baby blanket. I am pretty excited about this one because I LOVE turtles, and puzzles so there ya go- a turtle puzzle!

- I organized the "nursery." We live in a one bedroom apartment but it is fairly good sized and there is a little nook I suppose you would call it in our bedroom that we set the cradle and changing table up in. And I like it. The changing table is really nice and we have some baskets that makes it really nice for storage and I only hope that it will live up to the dream that I have for it. (sorry, no picture)

- I really wanted to paint some pictures for our "nursery" and these are what I came up with. Jake and I love Disney, especially Mickey Mouse so this is fun. They aren't as good as I wish they were but I tried- and its not like I am an artist or anything.

- I got my drivers license! Jake and my dad are so proud- I don't really much care at all but I hear its gonna be seriously convenient once the baby comes. But it is nice to get to check it off my list of things.

- this I have wanted to do ever since Jake and I got married. I bought Jake the book I'll Love You Forever and so I adapted that a little bit and I got pictures of my parents, Jake's parents and us on our wedding day and I put them up with the quote. It turned out better than I hoped, and I love the pictures that we ended up with.

- I tried 4 new recipes which doesn't sound like a high number. But that was my goal- and I actually surpassed it. One night we had an Argentine night and I think Jake enjoyed it but who knows. We made empanadas, milanesa and something else that I can't recall. I made this real good cheesy chicken, curry, pancakes from scratch, cinnamon rolls, chicken and squash, banana bread, a steak marinade, a strawberry pretzel dessert (which really was not good at all)... and thats all I can remember.

- I learned how to index on familysearch and I completed 1000 names. Awesome.

- I read 6 new books

- I organized our living room- dusted the entertainment center, sorted the movie shelf, the book shelf, Jake's desk, made a couch cover, organized the games...

- I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. Intensely.

- I cleaned out the pantry- it was gross. But now its way better.

And you know, that is probably the whole list. That probably isn't terrible impressive for 8 weeks, especially since a lot of them really only took a few hours but I feel very accomplished.

Now I just wonder what I am going to do until the baby comes... wish me luck.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Jake!

It was Jake's birthday on Friday and I got really excited about it, which is strange because in general, I really am not a fan of birthdays but you know, things change I suppose.

On friday all we really did was have a little party at work and then I gave him his presents.

This is Jake holding his 3 favorites- an external harddrive encasing, Enchanted, and an eBay giftcard.
This is a picture of all his presents! I will list them because it might be hard to tell from just the picture: a pair of plaid shorts, a pair of black dickies shorts, 4 ties, 3 shirts (only 2 in this picture because he is wearing one), a pair of basketball shorts, new shoes (that is the gift I was most excited about), 5 books: Magicians Apprentice and Master, and the DragonLance Chronicles, an eBay giftcard, Enchanted, and two external harddrive encasings. Oh yeah, and a new belt.

And here he is wearing his new shirt and bball shorts with all his presents. Oh, and there is a card from his grandma, sister Eliza, and his mom and dad. :D I am quite pleased with the things I got him and he seems to be as well- although even if he wasn't, I am not convinced he would tell me.

Then on Saturday, we went to the nickelcade for two hours- bleh, I don't really like it there, it always smells bad and I just suck at games. But its one of Jake's favorite places in Utah so that happened. We got like 1200 tickets but we are saving up for... Monopoly I think. (It will turn out to be the most expensive board game ever). After the nickelcade we went out for All You Can Eat Sushi at Sakura and I LOVED it! We definitely ate enough to make it worth it and truth be told, after like 12 rolls, I probably still could've eaten more but Jake was done. And then we finished off the night with The Green Lantern, a movie that I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

And then today we had his birthday feast! We made ribs, rice, corn and cornbread muffins and we had cake with cookie dough ice cream.

This weekend was definitely exhausting but I am so glad that we got to celebrate Jake together. He is just so great and I don't know anyone who would say different. But don't just take my word for it- if you don't know him, you should. (He is a little awkward at first, but after a little bit its quite endearing) ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just an Update on our Life

So I read a couple of my friends blogs and every month or so they do a detailed update of everything and everyone in their family. This is brilliant! (At least I think so) So here is my first attempt at an update on our life.
Jake: Jake just finished spring classes and he is very excited to take a break from school. He did really well and I am very proud of him because it was really compacted but he managed to come out alive and well. He works at the Post Office still, but periodically applies for programming jobs but there hasn't been a ton of response- probably because there are a billion people that want those same jobs. He had an interview which ended up just being a learning experience but I am still grateful for the opportunity and the guy seemed really nice and gave Jake some pointers which is great. He plays his video games- World of Warcraft (with my brothers) and Eve but he still manages to get everything he needs to done and spend lots of time with me so I think its a pretty sweet deal.
Meredith: I am still pregnant- almost 32 weeks. Pretty exciting. Sadly, the pregnancy is getting harder and harder and has forced me to stop working and going to school until next January so I have a lot of open weeks ahead of me. But, don't worry- all the hard stuff is apparently just the normal course of pregnancy (which really, doesn't make me feel any better about the situation) I also just finished classes- it was just a silly waste but it made it possible for me to sign up for 2 independent study art history classes which will help me graduate a semester earlier than if I hadn't and I didn't have to pay for them which is awesome. I have completed one and am about half done the other but its modern art and no offense to anyone who thinks that sun rises and sets with Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Frank Lloyd Wright, but I just don't like it at all. The architecture is almost acceptable but the art pieces themselves definitely don't make me smile. I am still trying to do photography and have done a couple photoshoots and I learned to edit which is great, now I just need to try and get my name out there so I can bulk up my portfolio so I can apply for that online photography program I want.
Mikey: Mikey is our soonish to be born baby! Full name Michael Ma`iola Logan after my dad (Michael obviously- I'm the white half of this relationship) and Ma`iola is Jake and Jake's dad's hawaiian name so he is going to start life with a good strong name but we are going to call him Mikey because I think its cute and Jake doesn't seem to care. We just went to the doctors yesterday and they listened to his heart and its good and strong and he is measuring in at just about average. Our doctor (Dr. Somers- she's great, I'm a big fan) says that the baby is good and healthy and growing just as wanted. He is extremely wiggly- normally only giving me about 5 minutes in between quite impressive kicks (in my opinion) and about a two hour break in the morning when I can only assume he is sleeping. Also, what I think is the most exciting, is that he has started to respond to Jake's voice so when Jake talks, he moves. I think its pretty amazing.

So overall, we are doing great. Hope you enjoyed this update and that it wasn't too detailed to or ton boring- its a fine line I think.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Editing Lesson

Tonight I got really bored so Jake, after months of trying, finally convinced me to learn how to use photoshop. And you know what, it was so fun. I am quite proud of myself for what I did and I wanted to share it with all of you (whoever it is that reads this blog...)

These are my very first attempt at editing.

So here are some examples of what I did. The picture on the left is the original and the other ones are the edited copies. These are from the same photoshoot that I already blogged about with my friends Kathleen and Harris. I hope that you enjoy them!

This last one is my favorite. They are clearly 3 different pictures so the originals are not posted. But I got really excited about this idea during the photoshoot and I am glad with how it actually turned out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curried Salmon Steaks

So for the past while Jake has been suggesting salmon for dinner but I just haven't felt like making it because it smells pretty strong and I don't handle that as well as I used to. But! I don't work on thursdays so I thought I would surprise him and make curried salmon.

I found a recipe on one of my favorite websites- I seriously can spend hours on it looking at all these random recipes. Anyways, I luckily had all the ingredients and so I gave it a shot. I served it over rice with a green bean/broccoli/red pepper veggie mix thing that Shelly gave to us when she moved and I think over all, it was pleasing- at least to look at. :D

Curried Salmon Steaks

3/4c. finely chopped onions

8 tbsp. butter

6 salmon steaks


salt and pepper

curry powder

1c. sour cream

In a large skillet, saute onions in 4 tablespoons of the butter until transparent. Remove onions and set aside. Melt remaining butter in skillet. Sprinkle salmon steaks with flour, salt, pepper, and a generous amount of curry powder (use less if you prefer a milder flavor... I used what I thought was a generous amount and I probably should've doubled or tripled that amount). Saute steaks, turning once until they break at the touch of a fork. Remove to a warm serving platter.

Return onions to skillet. Add 1 tablespoon curry powder and mix well. Gradually stir in the sour cream. Heat sauce but do not allow to boil. Pour over steaks and serve immediately.

Mostly I just wanted to post this picture because I think it looks nice, haha. But it is a good recipe and its seriously easy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Slip Cover

Tomorrow is mine and Jake's first wedding anniversary which is pretty exciting. Since we both love to eat out and go to movies we decided to celebrate today. So we went to Tucano's and then we went and saw Fast Five. (I liked it, I think, a little more violent than I like but you can't win 'em all) So! For my present Jake bought me a sewing machine!! Exciting. It's the "cheap one" as he says but I spent a lot of time researching them and I thought that this one would work wonderfully for what I would like to do with it and Jake somehow picked it without me even telling him about it. Whatta guy.

After the movie we went to Walmart so we could buy some fabric for a slip cover because, well, our couch is not pleasing to my eye... or anyones that I really know of. But it was free and I mean, it works. Its a couch, its cushy (ish), and you can sit on it so ultimately, its a win. We bought some brown fabric because that is currently my favorite color and I thought it would look nice with our blue walls. And I finished it tonight- obviously or this post would be such a tease.


AFTERIts nothing special, just a slip cover but I am so excited about it! I feel like the whole living room will look so much nicer and since I spill all the time it'll be nice to be able to wash it. :D

(I know there is a weird shadow in the pictures- I had to sit under a table to get the whole couch in the shot so we are dealing with the shadow)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this song makes me smile.

I love this song.

There is a line that says I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me.


Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little Sneak Peek

Today I did my very first... photo shoot I guess you would call it. And I am not going to lie; it was more fun than I thought it would be. I was pretty nervous but my friends that ever so nicely offered to be my models were really good about it. I have looked through the pictures a few times and I think I like them but they aren't edited yet and I tend to be pretty hard on myself about that kind of stuff. But, I thought that maybe I would show a few, pre-edited. (and hopefully get some positive feedback from all you lovely blog readers). After I get Photoshop on my new computer and I learn how to really use it I will probably put more up on my photography blog. But here is a sneak peek of Kathleen and Harris. They are so cute and they were really good at posing themselves which was GREAT!

I wish I could say I meant for the light to do that but I didn't. However, now I know how to get it to do that again if I so desire. And I think that's gotta be the point.

(okay I think this one is really cool, but I took it more for the general idea. Imagine a pretty flower or something instead. Cool, right?)

This one is mostly on here because I love Kathleen in it. :D

Please let me know what you think of these few little ones- I like and need feedback. Good, bad, and inbetween!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My ever-so-embarrassing Goal.

Okay, so I have this problem. I LOVE television shows. Like watch multiple shows daily. I have 3 seasons of Bones, 1 season of Glee, 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, 5 seasons of Saved by the Bell, 8 seasons of Charmed, and 6 seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD, not to mention I used to have all 10 seasons of Friends and all 4 seasons of What I Like About You and I have watched every episode of them at least twice. And like 10 times for Gilmore Girls (that show is funny every time...) It is a sick obsession. I used to faithfully watch at least 7 shows every week (I can't always remember all of them... I know, awful). Sick. So at Christmas I decided that I would only watch 3- Greek, Bones, and Pretty Little Liars- because I don't want to be a mom that just watches TV all the time when they have a new baby. (I am not confident that there are those types of moms out there but I know that if there weren't any, I would have been the first) I would've only done 2 but Greek ended for good in February and its basically my favorite show, Bones is just so great and I didn't want to stop watching it and Pretty Little Liars was going to be my ABC Family fix because Greek was ending and I am pretty sure it is my favorite channel. (So I guess I really only have 2 shows now) Well the other night I was thinking about how even though I only watch 3 shows now, I just watch the episodes over and over again. (Bones and Greek are instant play on netflix) SO! I have set a goal. Right now Pretty Little Liars is on season break because ABC Family is weird and does every show in halves and they start at random times, and Bones doesn't have a new episode for like 3 weeks I think. My goal is to not watch any tv shows AT ALL for as long as I can last. (Originally it was no TV or movies but me and Jake really like to watch movies together and I don't typically watch them on my own) I have made it about 24 hours and I am not going to lie- its been rough. (How embarrassing) But, I did read a whole book today to get my mind off of TV. And I have a book list I am working on- Next is Jane Eyre. I will keep you all updated. :D Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And its a... Baby!

So, yesterday Jake and I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. Now it wasn't the official ultrasound where they go through all the organ systems and such but the one we got seems to be sufficient enough to tell us that we are having a BOY!
Picture to follow... they couldn't get the printer hooked up. Medical school, they got that under control but plugging a cord into the machine, its below their paygrade.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wouldn't Change It For the World...

You know, I haven't experience everything, or even close to a lot of things in my life. I haven;t traveled abroad, I am not a parent (but I get closer all the time... and bigger too), I haven't graduated from college but despite all that I am pretty sure that being married in the greatest thing in the world. Now some say that by getting married young you miss out on a lot of experiences. And that might be true, I'll never know. But honestly, this has been the greatest 10 months of my life. (And that is fair to say because I have a pretty good memory- I mean pre-5 is pretty much gone but since then, I am pretty solid.)

I have been thinking about the things that I have done since I met and married Jake. (That covers more then the last 10 months but only slightly...) I went to Hawaii- cool. (I am not going to lie- I have never been terribly intrigued by Hawaii... I don't like heat or water, so a tropical island isn't really my idea of a good time but I loved it.) I went to Disney World, which was a dream of mine... I am not sure it lived up to the hype but that was probably the weather (I hate humidity). I get to have a baby! I changed my major. I moved and I got to live alone for a month which is also something I have always wanted. I have learned how to make sushi. I am in the process of getting my driver's license. (I know, I know. I am 21 and don't drive. How do I live?!) I had my first Christmas without my parents. I made my first turkey for Canadian thanksgiving. I got ridiculously spoiled on Valentine's Day. I went to the temple. I climbed a tree. (Okay, that sounds lame but if you know me at all, you that about 6 inches off the ground and I start crying and freaking out, so a tree is a BIG deal.) And so much more.

I mean really, just look at some of the good times we have had...

(I was going to put more pictures up but I got impatient with how slow the internet was going... maybe one day.)