Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am on a mission!

Today, like most "fridays" when I have bio lab, I spend the majority of it texting Shelly about how stupid the class is and how ridiculous the TA is and how he thinks I am a total moron. (Because this one time I waited outside the classroom for a half an hour starting at 12:30 for class to start before realizing that class actually starts at 12. I had to explain this to my TA so I could hand in my homework) Well, today he signed JK and LOL, which I have a few issues with that I care not to discuss at this time and I immediately texted Shelly about it and she told me that he really was her dream man. Now I have a plan. :D Next friday will be the last time I ever see him because he is graduating at the end of the semester and that class will be over so I am going to leave a note on my final assignment, saying something to the effect of "My sisters name is Shelly Merrill, creep her on facebook, here is her number, ask her out." Oh man, I think I am so funny. I was discussing it all with my friend in the lab and we think its brilliant. I mean really, he can't think I'm more an idiot then he already does, might as well go out with a bang.

Oh and don't worry- I know this is stupid, they probably have just about nothing in common, (I don't even know him...) its just fun.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My dirty little secret...

This week, somehow, I am not sure how, Jake got me to play Super Smash Brothers. And you know what, I didn't even hate it. I tried a few characters but I have decided me favorite is Donkey Kong because you can grab onto the other player and just hold them and smack them over and over again. It's basically the only thing I can do in the game. I always miss when I try to punch and I almost always fall off the... place you don't want to fall off of. And Jake always beats me. He gets more kills, takes less damage and gives more damage. BUT! One time, I beat him. So we had to stop playing so I could end on a high note. I normally quit once I am ahead on things like video games but sadly, I continued to play and once again, I am the worst. But don't you worry. I'll get there. :D

Jake: So now that my baby Meredith plays super smash brothers, we are issuing an open challenge to anyone who might read this. 2v2 super smash brothers smack down, anytime, anywhere. . . Its on . . .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Booklist

Today when I was wasting time at work I noticed that my friend had posted this list of 100 books that BBC thinks most people will have only read 6 of. Well, it just so happens for about a year I have randomly been trying to read new books. Sometimes, I decide thats silly and I will just read the ones I have already read because I know I like them. But I see this list and I realize its fate or destiny or probably more likely, just good old luck. So first, I went through the list to count how many I have read and how many I have started to read. Well, I have read... *drumroll* 22! and I have started 10 more on top of that. So my new goal is to read the rest of the books on the list! Number 1 is Pride and Prejudice and so tomorrow, after I finish the book I am already on, I am going to the BYU library to get started on the list. And let me tell you, I am actually so excited. I just love to read! Oh I don't worry, I will keep you all updated on which number I am on. :D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Walt was a genius!

So for my birthday Jake bought me 5 Disney movies. How excellent. I got Aladdin, The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Also when my dad and stepmom were in Utah for conference they bought me Snow White for my early birthday celebration. So we now have 6 Disney movies. Freak I am just so excited.
Growing up, I always loved Cinderella the best: the mice-"Happy Birthday!!", Bruno and his dreams, Lucifer and Cinderella is so nice even though everyone is so mean to her. I would watch it and rewind it and watch it again. Shelly probably wanted to kill me and I am pretty sure she doesn't like Cinderella anymore. But now I am watching all these other ones and oh geez! how do people pick favorites. Like Aladdin, hilarious! (Pretty sure there is a lot in that movie I missed when I was little) It has such good songs and its so funny, especially the very beginning with the little man selling junk. Or Sleeping Beauty- the villian is so good in it. It is my personal opinion that Maleficent is his best invention. And Snow White, the dwarfs are absolutely fabulous. Or Lion King- the music! oh the music. Not to mention that Jonathon Taylor Thomas is the voice for Simba. Who doesn't love him? Beauty and the Beast is such a great story- such good life lessons. Love it.
Man I just love them all! So I just want to know how people pick their favorites? All I know is in September, my favorite was Cinderella, in October it was Snow White, then it was Beauty and the Beast, yesterday it was Little Mermaid, and now since Jake and I am watching Sleeping Beauty, its my new favorite.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Color-Me-Mine Mickey!

So for my birthday Jake took me to Color-Me-Mine. And I have always wanted to go there! It was so exciting. And they had this really cute Mickey Mouse figurine so I had to get it. When I was little I wanted a Mickey Mouse bedroom and we had this old kinda gross Mickey blanket and I was obsessed with it until either one of my older brothers or my cousins told me that it used to be their "bathroom blanket". After that, I stopped using the blanket, and thus the dreamed died. BUT! Jake loves Disney! So, it is slowly coming back to life. Starting with this little statue.

We painted it together, and it was wonderful. I tried to get Jake to get the matching Minnie one but he said he doesn't like this kind of stuff so he would just watch me paint. But that didn't last long. And this is out finished product -->
He is so shiny, its kinda weird. But he sits on top of our TV shelf, just smiling all the time. Pretty awesome.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Challenge

I was challenged to do one new post a day for the next week. Now, I don't really much care for challenges. I kinda think they are silly actually. Basically, if I want to do it I will and if I don't want to, I probably won't. Like I always tell Jake, I do what I like. But, out of respect for Jake, and for Giddy, I am going to try and step up and take the challenge. But if I quit part way through, just know that I don't really care. :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Graffiti = Love?

A couple weeks ago, Jake took me and my new camera up to Bridal Veil or Nunns Park or some place like that up in the canyon so I could play around. It was quite enjoyable. The colors were great and the mountains were so beautiful. And everywhere I looked I saw stuff like "Bob + Jane Forever" or "Jorge y Angela" ALL over! Now, color me crazy but if Jake was to paint Jake and Mere forever or Jake loves Emmy on a old rusty door or scratch my name in a random picnic bench in a park that I can't even remember what is called, I would not think thats special. Actually, I would probably be unimpressed. Nevertheless, I took pictures of a lot of them because I find it amusing.

(The last one is probably my favorite... It confuses me)
But I must confess. If Jake painted my name on the side of a train, that would be pretty cool. :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am so glad I married Jake so I can eat such good food...

Oh my gosh! Tonight I went to Jake's cousin Kailani's house and she taught me (and a few others) how to make sushi. It was very exciting. There is this sauce... its orange. haha its so spicy and delightful. I made 3 rolls I think. The first one was totally junk. Jake called when I was learning so I got behind in the lesson. And I tried to get Noe to help me but she kept just saying do whatever you want. It was stressful. So the first one was bad. The second one I just copied Liz. That was a good decision. And then when Jake got there I made him a special one because I am just such a good wife haha. This is it. Isn't this so great?

Kailani also had us make Japanese Tostadas or something. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

And here are the ones Liz did. I am hesitant to put hers on because then mine doesn't look as good. So just no comparing. Deal?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I cannot believe I started a blog

First of all, I want to make it known that ever since I got engaged I told myself that I wouldn't just start a blog because I was married. I don't get that, suddenly you are married and so all your business should be online? Weird. I guess I don't stick to my guns very well.
Second, I want to let Aunt Jamille and Bailee so know that this blog is there fault and if its terribly boring, blame them not me. Even though I love you both, I am totally willing to let you take all the blame.
Third, a couple days ago my friend started a blog and the title is "Gary and ???" and I loved it. I think thats so funny. So I had to make some kind of mention to the fact that I am a follower. I am so conflicted.
Well hope ya'll like it...