Monday, August 29, 2011

Ode to Jake...

So you know how everyone always says that they have the best husband in the world? Well I believe that is totally possible- shouldn't everyone think that their husband is just the bee's knees? I know that I think Jake is pretty much the best thing in the world. And let me tell you why.
If you are reading this blog, you probably know me at least a little bit and so then you know that I tend to be a little hard to handle sometimes. :D Well Jake is just so patient with me all the time- its amazing. Here is an example- when we were dating and talking about marriage, I literally gave him a list of proposals that I would say no to on principal. (For example- no scavenger hunt, don't make me exercise first, don't put the ring in the food, not in front of family, blah blah blah) I mean I was only being half serious- I of course would've said yes but I would not have been pleased. Well it turns out later that I may or may not have listed how he wanted to propose. Oops. But he took it in stride and the proposal was fantastic.
Then we got married and he is just the most patient husband and he just does everything- it makes me feel like a junky wife sometimes but he is totally willing to make dinner, do the dishes, make the bed, etc. (The only thing he won't actually do is the laundry which is okay I suppose)
And when I was pregnant he totally took care of me all the time. He drove me everywhere, he let me sleep all the time, he was sincerely worried about me and did all he could to make sure I was comfortable, he was so sweet. It made a hard time way better.
Now we have a baby! And Jake is just a cute dad. Jake stays up half the night with Mikey so I can get some sleep, he holds him, cuddles him, changes his diaper probably as much if not more than I do, burps him, helps bathe him, and he just plays with him all the time. (Currently he is teaching Mikey how to stand and how to grip... he holds him under his arms and helps him hold up his head, which he actually does pretty well on his own, and then counts to three and stands him up for as long as Mikey will lock his knees. I think its real funny. And Jake is trying to get Mikey's left hand grip tighter than the right so he can be a lefty like Jake. Silly)

Cute right? I just love my boys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Bath. What a Joy.

We gave Mikey his first bath this morning. It was fairly traumatic for him. The poor little guy is too small for the tub we have (He is really so small- we took him to the doctors today for his 2 week check and he is in the 26 percentile for weight and the 51 percentile for length- 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long)
You can kinda tell if you look closely, behind my hand Mikey is seriously bugged with us. Just check out that look in his eyes

He kept slipping sideways and so Jake had to hold him while I bathed him... except for during the pictures obviously.

So I hear that when Jake was little he was a frog for Hallowe'en for a few years in a row or something, so his mom bought Mikey a frog robe! How cute right?
He was clearly still upset after the bath, it was probably a little chilly for him. I know I am normally pretty perturbed when I get out of a nice warm shower and then I freeze until I get dry and dressed. (This picture it probably my favorite of Mikey- I know his face is pretty covered but I think its seriously so cute, plus check out his fat cheeks)

So, we finish the bath, we lotion him up, put him in a onesie, gloves, and socks, swaddle him and Jake takes him over to the computer to hang out with him while I make some breakfast. It has been maybe 3 minutes when I walk over to see them and Mikey is making his "poo face"-Oh well, I hear thats just the way it is these days, at least it didn't get on either of us.

But seriously, how funny is this face?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't think there is anything cuter than a baby in footsie pajama's....

... especially Mikey in them.

Isn't he just adorable?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Ma`iola Logan aka Mikey. Born August 10 2011, 5:16pm, 18.5 inches, 7 lbs 6 oz.

I wish that you could all see how long his eyelashes are, how dark his eyes are, and (my personal favorite) how chubby his cheeks are. He is so adorable. These pictures are just not sufficient! (In my humble and completely unbiased opinion)

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Pregnancy Projects! (sorry- its a long one)

About 8 weeks ago, my doctor recommended that I quit my job, stop going to school and just "take it easy", all the while remembering that there will be time for all that later and right now I should just be taking care of myself and the baby. I am not going to lie- I was excited. Ever since my dad felt I was old enough to have a job (which in fact, did not correspond with when I felt I should have one, or when I actually got one) I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could not work and have it be acceptable. Well let me tell you, it really isn't that great. I have been SO bored. After about a week of doing nothing, Jake and I decided that I needed a list of things to do- my pregnancy projects! And guess what! I am 8 days off from my due date and I have officially completed them all- including one that I wasn't anticipating completing before our baby was born.
- First on the list was a baby afghan! I have wanted to make one of these ever since my niece Faith was born. I think they are so cute but they are way more expensive than the regular baby cross stitches I make. So when I got pregnant I told Jake that this was what I was going to do. We went to Michael's (probably my favorite store) and tried to find a pattern for one that we both liked, which did not happen. So we designed one! And here it is!

Mickey is one of my favorites- I think he turned out really cute.


Aladdin... I think he is my least favorite but it turned out better than I thought he would

This I just finished today and I LOVE it. I like to mix the colors when I do words and I think that Jake wasn't thinking he would like it but he does- or at least he says he does which is just as good to me.

Simba! He is our favorite! We both love him and I think he is totally cute.

Tarzan... a little scary... but I had a hard time finding a picture of him to use.

Stitch- I personally don't like Stitch at all. I think the movie is stupid and I think he is weird but Jake loves it. You know, the whole Hawaiian pride thing I think plays a role in this one. But he is pretty cute here too.

- I completed two Independent Study Art History classes. And I did well. I am pleased. I don't think that I learned as much as I would have if I have taken the class on campus but that's okay. The classes were harder than I thought they would be but it was worth it because it should shorten my college career by a semester! Wahoo!

- a baby blanket. I am pretty excited about this one because I LOVE turtles, and puzzles so there ya go- a turtle puzzle!

- I organized the "nursery." We live in a one bedroom apartment but it is fairly good sized and there is a little nook I suppose you would call it in our bedroom that we set the cradle and changing table up in. And I like it. The changing table is really nice and we have some baskets that makes it really nice for storage and I only hope that it will live up to the dream that I have for it. (sorry, no picture)

- I really wanted to paint some pictures for our "nursery" and these are what I came up with. Jake and I love Disney, especially Mickey Mouse so this is fun. They aren't as good as I wish they were but I tried- and its not like I am an artist or anything.

- I got my drivers license! Jake and my dad are so proud- I don't really much care at all but I hear its gonna be seriously convenient once the baby comes. But it is nice to get to check it off my list of things.

- this I have wanted to do ever since Jake and I got married. I bought Jake the book I'll Love You Forever and so I adapted that a little bit and I got pictures of my parents, Jake's parents and us on our wedding day and I put them up with the quote. It turned out better than I hoped, and I love the pictures that we ended up with.

- I tried 4 new recipes which doesn't sound like a high number. But that was my goal- and I actually surpassed it. One night we had an Argentine night and I think Jake enjoyed it but who knows. We made empanadas, milanesa and something else that I can't recall. I made this real good cheesy chicken, curry, pancakes from scratch, cinnamon rolls, chicken and squash, banana bread, a steak marinade, a strawberry pretzel dessert (which really was not good at all)... and thats all I can remember.

- I learned how to index on familysearch and I completed 1000 names. Awesome.

- I read 6 new books

- I organized our living room- dusted the entertainment center, sorted the movie shelf, the book shelf, Jake's desk, made a couch cover, organized the games...

- I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. Intensely.

- I cleaned out the pantry- it was gross. But now its way better.

And you know, that is probably the whole list. That probably isn't terrible impressive for 8 weeks, especially since a lot of them really only took a few hours but I feel very accomplished.

Now I just wonder what I am going to do until the baby comes... wish me luck.