Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

As promised on my last post, here are pictures! And lots of 'em.
But first- here is a little update about the little Logan family.
Jake- grew a beard- it looks awesome (well in my opinion, his sister really hates it haha); crazy busy at work with all his projects and deadlines; taking me to Calgary in May and Hawaii in June (hopefully.. you never know what could come up); looking to buy a house this summer- it's like we are real grown ups- jump back! (name that movie)
Me- finally did some more work on my independent study classes- so close to being done; going to run a 5k in May and trying to get ready for it- it's hard dudes, I know that's lame but still- hard; just reading and cleaning and taking care of babies
Mikey- basically completely stopped talking, all he says now is yes, dada, mama and baby Adam- but mostly just yes; has learned how to take everything off, including his diaper- awesome; jumps on the bed constantly; loves making messes- yesterday I went into his room after his nap and he has taken Adam's messy diaper out of the diaper pail and rubbed the squeezed out poop everywhere- in case you were wondering, I love my life.
Adam- can now roll over! wahoo; has slept the whole night a few times- very exciting; smiles, especially at fake coughs; met his Aunty Liz for the first time this week- he seems to be a pretty big fan.
Now on to the pictures! Enjoy- they may be repeats and they are in no particular order.
Mikey digging into his St Patrick's Day present- a mason jar with gold chocolate coins, layers of skittles as a rainbow and kleenex on top as clouds. He loved it. As did me and Jake.

St Patrick's Day breakfast- complete with sausage, eggs- green for Mikey, green rice, kiwi, green grapes, bananas, muffins and oj. I love it

Valentine's Day breakfast- pink pancakes, eggs, sausage, oranges, grapes, strawberries and oj. In my head, all holidays should be celebrated with breakfast. And I don't think the boys mind one bit.

Matching clothes! They had a baby sale at Old Navy so it was all 25% off, plus I have an ON card so it was another 10% off and then because I had a coupon it was another 15% off. Don't worry- half off. Good shopping mom.

baby overalls are awesome

Naked Mikey holding Adam's bottle. Such a helpful guy.

My boys- and the start of Jake's beard!!
The family at the Leonardo in SLC. We went to see the mummies and then wandered around. This is one of the few pictures of me, so enjoy it haha.
Mikey went into the pantry and came out with a full sheet of nori. Just chilling on the couch, pantless eatin' seaweed. Whatta guy.

One of the exhibits at the Leonardo. He liked the colored lights a lot.

Adam was just laying on the floor and Mikey laid down next to him and held his hand.

Logan cousins photo shoot. Cute right?

This was right before Adam sucked on Malie's toe and she hit him. (not on purpose, she's like 4 months old) Hilarious.

Graduation picture! Me, my pops and my baby. Well technically both of the babies- one is just hidden under the grad gown.

Merrill family picture. Jeff and Whit were there too but they didn't want to wait inside with all the people. Good turnout huh?

Logan family picture- Mikey obviously wants Aunty Abby in this picture.

Grandma, Daddy, Mikey boy and Uncle Gideon
Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Work and Treasure Planet- such is my life.

So I have all these awesome pictures that I wanted to share with the blogging world but every time I tried to put them up my computer could fritz out and so I haven't blogged in a month. Which is okay, I don't really have all that much time ya know? So I am going to blog an update anyways and hopefully soon I will figure out why my computer blows and I will get some pictures of my ever adorable boys.

- Not kidding, he works like a fiend. He goes in in the middle of the night sometimes. I wish his company paid overtime because if they did we'd be rolling in it.
- uhm... that is pretty much all he does these days. Work. Oh and he really likes to organize game nights. We have got a few new games recently that we have been enjoying. Also, we recently found out that our upstairs neighbors like games. We have been living here for a year and had no idea, plus Jake has known them for almost 3. We are obviously really good at getting to know people.
- bought an elliptical! Awesome.  Every time I use it though I think I am going to die- no joke. It's disgusting.
- hmm... I cut my hair- a whole 7 inches off. I don't think Jake is that pleased but he says it looks nice so that counts for something.
- slowly but surely working on my independent study classes so I can graduate for real
- really missing photo shoots. Anyone wants picture taken? Pick me pick me! haha but for real. ;)
- Mikey  seems huge now. 27. something pounds and like 34 inches. Amazing. Jumped into the 78 percentile from the 22. Jake is thrilled and he jumped from 12 month clothes right to 24 months. (he is only 19 months old)
- watched Treasure Planet all the time. I hate it. But not enough to not let him watch it. But he will play with his toys or go outside instead so it works out.
- carries Adam around- no joke, he literally carries him around. He dropped him today for the first time. No harm done but Mikey was pretty upset that Adam was crying.
- doesn't cry as much as he used to but still more then is desirable
- 22.5 inches long and 10 lbs 11 oz. He gained a pound and a half and grew an inch and a half in 4 weeks which is pretty exciting.
- can lift his head off the ground and sits in the bumbo. We are so proud
- sleeps about 5 hours at a time during the night. Although the other night he slept from 10 to 5. I was so tired though because Mikey woke up that I didn't get to fully appreciate the blessing.

Well I think that's it. We are doing well.  I am still thrilled to not be pregnant, Jake is still loving his job and the boys are thriving.
Next time there will be pictures. I promise. Be excited- they're cute.