Thursday, June 13, 2013

Here's to the Bad Days

Ever have a bad day?
Like everything seems to go wrong? Or even worse, doesn't even start out right?
That was Monday. I felt a little sick, I was exhausted from all the traveling (so grateful to be home by the way- the trips were great but there is nothing quite like home), overwhelmed by the mess from partially unpacking and getting distracted by my kiddos who kept screaming. It was bad. Not the worst ever but still hard.
All day I was constantly praying that if I had to go through today, at least could tomorrow be better? I tried to change my attitude. I tried cleaning and when that didn't work out, I tried to distract myself from the mess. I tried to play with my kids so that we would all be happy. The bad news is, my day didn't get any better. The good news is that my prayers were answered.
Tuesday was much better. The boys were good, my house was reasonably clean- let's be real- it's still a little messy- I can't make two and half weeks of traveling go away in a day and a half.
Tuesday was a great day because I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I know that He knows who I am and what I need. If I am just humble enough to ask for help, if it is what is best for me, He will help me. Everything in my life, if I live right, will make me a better person. Life has been tricky- it is for everyone- but I am quite pleased at how I have turned out. I am still a little moody and I have an edge but overall, I feel good about who I have become and while it is daunting, all the growth that is in my future will be good too.
And another thing I learned from Monday- one bad day, or even a bunch in a row, cannot negate the great things in my life.
For example...

I think that looks pretty great.
So here is to the bad days because they won't be around forever and they help us know that good ones will be coming.
Here is to the bad days so we can better appreciate the good ones.