Sunday, March 27, 2011

My ever-so-embarrassing Goal.

Okay, so I have this problem. I LOVE television shows. Like watch multiple shows daily. I have 3 seasons of Bones, 1 season of Glee, 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, 5 seasons of Saved by the Bell, 8 seasons of Charmed, and 6 seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD, not to mention I used to have all 10 seasons of Friends and all 4 seasons of What I Like About You and I have watched every episode of them at least twice. And like 10 times for Gilmore Girls (that show is funny every time...) It is a sick obsession. I used to faithfully watch at least 7 shows every week (I can't always remember all of them... I know, awful). Sick. So at Christmas I decided that I would only watch 3- Greek, Bones, and Pretty Little Liars- because I don't want to be a mom that just watches TV all the time when they have a new baby. (I am not confident that there are those types of moms out there but I know that if there weren't any, I would have been the first) I would've only done 2 but Greek ended for good in February and its basically my favorite show, Bones is just so great and I didn't want to stop watching it and Pretty Little Liars was going to be my ABC Family fix because Greek was ending and I am pretty sure it is my favorite channel. (So I guess I really only have 2 shows now) Well the other night I was thinking about how even though I only watch 3 shows now, I just watch the episodes over and over again. (Bones and Greek are instant play on netflix) SO! I have set a goal. Right now Pretty Little Liars is on season break because ABC Family is weird and does every show in halves and they start at random times, and Bones doesn't have a new episode for like 3 weeks I think. My goal is to not watch any tv shows AT ALL for as long as I can last. (Originally it was no TV or movies but me and Jake really like to watch movies together and I don't typically watch them on my own) I have made it about 24 hours and I am not going to lie- its been rough. (How embarrassing) But, I did read a whole book today to get my mind off of TV. And I have a book list I am working on- Next is Jane Eyre. I will keep you all updated. :D Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And its a... Baby!

So, yesterday Jake and I went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. Now it wasn't the official ultrasound where they go through all the organ systems and such but the one we got seems to be sufficient enough to tell us that we are having a BOY!
Picture to follow... they couldn't get the printer hooked up. Medical school, they got that under control but plugging a cord into the machine, its below their paygrade.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wouldn't Change It For the World...

You know, I haven't experience everything, or even close to a lot of things in my life. I haven;t traveled abroad, I am not a parent (but I get closer all the time... and bigger too), I haven't graduated from college but despite all that I am pretty sure that being married in the greatest thing in the world. Now some say that by getting married young you miss out on a lot of experiences. And that might be true, I'll never know. But honestly, this has been the greatest 10 months of my life. (And that is fair to say because I have a pretty good memory- I mean pre-5 is pretty much gone but since then, I am pretty solid.)

I have been thinking about the things that I have done since I met and married Jake. (That covers more then the last 10 months but only slightly...) I went to Hawaii- cool. (I am not going to lie- I have never been terribly intrigued by Hawaii... I don't like heat or water, so a tropical island isn't really my idea of a good time but I loved it.) I went to Disney World, which was a dream of mine... I am not sure it lived up to the hype but that was probably the weather (I hate humidity). I get to have a baby! I changed my major. I moved and I got to live alone for a month which is also something I have always wanted. I have learned how to make sushi. I am in the process of getting my driver's license. (I know, I know. I am 21 and don't drive. How do I live?!) I had my first Christmas without my parents. I made my first turkey for Canadian thanksgiving. I got ridiculously spoiled on Valentine's Day. I went to the temple. I climbed a tree. (Okay, that sounds lame but if you know me at all, you that about 6 inches off the ground and I start crying and freaking out, so a tree is a BIG deal.) And so much more.

I mean really, just look at some of the good times we have had...

(I was going to put more pictures up but I got impatient with how slow the internet was going... maybe one day.)