Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Superhero Day!

AKA Father's Day.

Okay first things first. A little Mike Merrill tribute.
Did you know I have a great dad? Truly. He is pretty smart dude- I honestly quote him all the time. And the rest of the time I feel like I hear his voice in my head. He has been a great dad and I am glad that he got to teach me how to be a parent. Not many people would be able to do what he did with the skill that he did it. So shout out to my Pops. You rock. We all love you over here.

Next, Vonn Logan.
Did you know that Jake also has a great dad? Honestly. How lucky are we, right? Not only were we raised by great men but our grandkids get some seriously kick-a grandpas (and yes, I am sure that both of them are so pleased to hear/read me use that term to describe them) Jake's dad is so good to us. We are so grateful that we can go to him at any time and he will do anything to help us. Plus, he's a great cook. Everybody loves good food, right? Love you Dad Logan. Excited to see you in a few days.

Now the main event! We love opening acts but everyone knows you go to events to see the main one. You know, the trailers are good but we are all in it for the movie? Which of course is Jake! 
There is a saying that goes something like Don't marry a man that you wouldn't want to have as a son. (I know, it sounds a little weird but the sentiment is great) I can honestly say that I will be beyond thrilled if my little boys grow up to be just like their dad. Jake is a great husband, provider, father, comforter, and everything else. Plus, I think he's nice to look at. ;)

 Okay, so I know that those pictures make it look like he doesn't really hold Natalie which is kind of true but I promise he is actively involved in her life too. She is just a little mama obsessed. :D

Did you know that my kids love super heroes? Like an impossible amount. Mikey can barely say his own name but he's got Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, Batman, Flash, Thor, and Captain America down. (well only Captain America sometimes) Priorities huh? When I pick out their clothes in the morning, if there is only one superhero shirt, one child will have a breakdown. So naturally, we (I use we rather liberally in this case) did a Super Hero themed Father's Day.
I made the banner that you can see in the background- I don't have a great picture of that though, and the sign in the middle says Happy Father's Day to our favorite Super Hero. Love Mikey, Adam, and Natalie. It is probably going to end up in the boys room but I told Jake he could take it to his office too.
Look at these cuties. All of em. Man I love these four.
 For his presents I got him a Zelda poster for his office, which I know is not a super hero but he loves it. Also, a classic Marvel poster with all the marvel heroes but Jake wants that to go in the boys room too so high five Meredith! Two birds with one stone. Boys room check, father's day check. I also got him three shirts- a green lantern one, a superman one, and a captain america one (in theory one from each kid). Mikey picked out the most expensive card in walmart I think. Seriously this one little card was more than those giant singing ones. Geez. But it had Batman on it so it worked kind of perfect. And I made him a poster and a Super Hero kit.
His presents!
 Here is the poster! At the bottom, I traced the kids hands and man oh man was that difficult. It looks awful... because well it is awful. Some things you just have to accept and move on. Jake loved it though. It's at his office already but it's almost for sure leaning against the wall, potentially even facing the wrong direction. Also possible- it's still in the car. :D he's awesome, just a little forgetful.
 This is the super hero kit that I found on Alpha Mom. It was so much fun. It just has a bunch of snacks with silly labels, like JERKY- in case there is nothing around to eat in the fortress of solitude, or Freshens Breath- 4 out of 5 damsels in distress agree. It was fun to pick out the different snacks to put inside. This I am sure is at his office, well, what's left of it anyways.
 Then, because it's a holiday we had a big breakfast. Every holiday we do it and it's almost always the exact same but still delicious. Although the fruit we have is different every time. Jake wanted cherries and I wanted grapes. (because even though I don't think I've ever tried fresh cherries, I am 100% sure that I don't like them haha)
Look at how excited Adam and Jake are. Mikey already has food in his mouth though. He takes one bite before prayer every meal. Whatever.  

Jake wanted rice, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, toast, grapes, cherries, and pork and beans.
And then for dinner we had sushi. No pictures, just delicious memories.

And for that part at the end of the movie, you know after the trailers I want to give a shout out to all my brothers/brothers in law. Jeff, Jord, Mal, James, Gid, and Saili- you are all great dads and I am so glad that you are all in my life. I am excited that my kids have so many great strong examples in their lives... lifes... hmm... interesting. (way to ruin a perfectly nice tribute Mere) Lives. I decided.

Thanks for reading!