Friday, April 8, 2016

A Tale of Two Doctors

Around Halloween I noticed that Mikey had a little red circle on his cheek. It was strange that it was a perfect circle but I figured it was a scratch or maybe an infected pore. Then about a month later it had grown. And it was gross. It was a dome and it had a nasty texture but once again I just waited, thinking it would go away.
But it didn't. So at Adam's 3 year check up, I showed my doctor a picture of it and she referred me to a dermatologist that was really great with kids. And was she ever. She was so energetic she made me tired. But Mikey loved her.
She did a biopsy which was great but also, I just assumed that they would schedule another appointment and I made the mistake of telling Mikey he wouldn't get a shot. That was unfortunate. Especially because Mikey is a massive baby about shots. Like really. Probably almost as big of a baby as I am. ;)  So they did the biopsy (which was gross. I hate blood) and he did not like it. Here's a picture of him right after he got it done.
 They sent it to pathology and they told us it was a benign facial lesion called a spitz nevus. It wasn't anything to worry about but we would probably need to get it excised or else it would just keep growing back and it sometimes can mutate into something worse. (I'm not sure how common that is but still, I don't want that.) So the dermatologist gave us the names of two different plastic surgeons (because since it was on his face, they wanted a plastic surgeon to do it for scarring reasons)  I did some research and they both seemed great but I decided I wanted one of them (for geographical reasons) and then I checked with our insurance and learned that he wasn't covered so instead we went with Dr Jensen.
I called and got an appointment and the doctor looked at it and gave us four options. #1. wait until he is older and can handle local anesthesia, #2. just use a local anesthesia and hope for the best even though he's really young, #3 put him under at the clinic in their surgical centre or #4. go to the hospital.
I didn't want to wait so I vetoed that suggestion without even talking to Jake (my bad) and I didn't want to pay for an OR at the hospital so I went and asked billing and learned the surgical centre took our insurance. They priced  it out and I went home and talked to Jake about it before I scheduled the procedure. We called our insurance and we learned that it would be around $800 out of pocket. We went ahead and scheduled it for March 14 and Jake planned on taking the day off and the receptionist told us that she would call closer to the day with more details.
On March 9, they called us and said that our insurance called and told them that they just restructured their coverage and the surgical centre was no longer covered and they weren't going to honor existing set ups and that we needed to go to the AF hospital. And I was devastated. Like for reals, I cried. I knew that it was going to be crazy expensive so I told the receptionist that I would call her back later with a decision. I called our insurance and they told us it would be between $3000 and $4000. And I was even more devastated. I talked to Jake and we came up with a bunch of different ideas and I kept calling the clinic. Like every day for a week and a half. A few of those days, I called twice. I kept coming up with questions that I needed answered in order to make a good decision.
I felt so dumb calling so much, especially because there is one woman in billing and one woman at reception. They knew it was me. They started to recognize my phone number. It's not my personality to be so pushy but I knew that I needed to be. Every time I called, I gave myself a little pep talk: "This is for Mikey. It's okay to be pushy. Just be polite and it'll be okay. " Also, I would remind myself that after this is all over, I'll most likely never see or talk to these people again.
After many, many calls and the doctor telling us he wouldn't do it with just a local and us deciding we would probably have to just pay the whole thing out of pocket at the surgical centre (which would cost about $1500), the receptionist called one last time and told us the best news ever!!! Dr Jensen talked to his friend, Dan, who is a nurse anesthetist and he said that he would come and do the surgery with Dr Jensen in a procedure room at the plastic surgeons office for $300! They explained that Mikey would be put under but he wouldn't really be asleep, just unaware. It would take about an hour in total and we just had to agree to pay the total cost one week before the surgery (because that is how cosmetic procedures are billed at the clinic)
I cried again.
I was so happy. I might've even jumped up and done a few times. I called Jake and we were thrilled. The clinic scheduled the procedure for April 8th at 8am.

Last night Dan called and told us we needed to be there at 7am to do all the prep and paperwork and he gave us a brief overview of what to expect.
Mikey and I woke up super early to make sure we could get there in time and then once we were there, Dan noticed a text saying that we actually needed to be there are 7:30 not 7. He felt so bad he went and bought me some apple juice. Honestly, I didn't care though. These guys were doing us a big favor so I would've waited 2 hours and it would still be okay.
We got into a room and they took Mikey's stats and got us all ready for the shot of ketamine (I asked just for you Jeff, so I hope you are reading this, brother!) and glyco (which is for mucus or something like that) and Mikey lost it. He had been so brave up until this point. He got a blessing last night from Jake and he had me ask all of his aunts and uncles and grandparents to pray for him and even when Dan told him he was getting a shot he was fine. Until Dan asked to look at his thigh to see if it would be a good location. He started freaking out saying he wasn't brave enough and he didn't want anyone to see his underwear. He climbed off the chair, crawled around on the floor to try and hide from us. And I was no help. I tend to laugh in these kinds of situations. They made fun of me and then said that laughing was probably better than crying. Eventually with me, Dr Jensen and Dan holding him down, he got the shot and he screamed. Full on scream. I couldn't believe how badly he was taking this. After about 15 minutes they moved us into the minor procedure room and Dr Jensen numbed him up and got everything ready. And then they told me I was going to hold him on my lap the entire procedure. (Uhm, I hate blood so I kept my eyes closed as much as possible) Since he wasn't actually asleep, just mostly out of it, they needed me to hold his arms down because even though he couldn't feel anything, it might have bugged him to have people messing with his face.
The procedure took about 20 minutes and they sent us back to the first room for post op instructions and to wake him up.
He did not wake up well. At all. He was totally stoned. He got all nauseous but he didn't have anything to throw up because he hadn't eaten since dinner. He kept yelling that he didn't want to see anymore rainbows. He would start moaning and then tell me he couldn't breathe. He would try to sit up and then get too tired and just let himself fall over and almost fell off the chair a bunch of times. Hopefully he won't ever do drugs because it would seem he doesn't handle his high well. After one final stat check and them telling us that we needed to come back in about a week, they sent us on our way.
Mikey moaned in the car for a few minutes and then slept like a baby (stupid phrase) the whole way home.
So next week we go back to get the path results. We are hoping that he got good margins (which means just about nothing to me) so we won't have to put him back under to get the rest out and that it didn't mutate when it grew back after the biopsy.
Wish us luck. Enjoy a few pictures of this cute little dude.

Last night. He was actually really excited about the procedure.

Right after we put him in the car. He is so cute, even with the grumpy face.

When we got home. He was so exhausted.

They gave him a pez dispenser at the clinic and we told him if he was brave he could have a new Power Ranger toy. We found this one on sale on Amazon. He really wasn't that brave at all haha but Dan said he won't really remember right before the shot so we can just tell him he was brave and maybe it'll remind him that he actually is.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

number 6: I just really admire you.

Well, I was cleaning the bathroom and I realized that I haven't done one of these blog posts in about 2 months. And that is just unacceptable! So as I sat on the floor, procrastinating the rest of the bathroom, I thought about who in particular I wanted to write about. And you know what? I came to the realization that I have so many wonderful people in my life, it's so difficult to pick just one. So once again, here I go with a two-for-one.
There are a lot of women that I really admire but here are a few words about two in particular.

Deon Carling.
For reals, do you guys know her? Is she amazing or is she amazing? Because I'm pretty sure the answer is c. all of the above. First of all she has three little boys. And while I don't know what it is like to have 3 kids in 20 ish months like she does, I do know a little something about having a lot of littles in as many years. And anyone who has twins, in my head, is eligible for sainthood. Okay, and then on top of that her husband is the bishop! I grumble all the time about Jake being in the Young Men's presidency- not the president, just the 1st counselor. Comparatively, I am sure that is nothing. Granted, Deon and I aren't the best of friends but I have never heard her complain about how much time her husband's calling takes up. That's amazing folks because you better believe I would be shouting it from the rooftops- that is if I could find the time to climb up to a roof.
Another thing I really like about her is she seems really sincere. Somehow, it never feels like when you are talking to her that she has a million other places to be or things to be doing, even though I am confident she does.
Also, when she gets exasperated with her kids, she doesn't take it out on other people. If I'm irritated with my kids and someone says hi to me, there is a  50/50 chance... well more like 75/25 chance, that I will growl and roll my eyes. I'm classy like that. Deon, on the other hand, is actually classy.
I admire her. Like one of my friends commented on another one of these posts, "I want to be like her when I grow up." Truth.

Loni Shaw.
Can I start both sections the same? Well let's try it. Is she amazing or is she amazing? Once again, c. all of the above.
Two things that I really love about her. One, if I am in a bad mood or even just in a bad moment and Loni notices (which is not out of the ordinary- she is so aware of people) she not only asks me about it but a few days later, she'll facebook me to check up on me. That's amazing. I tend to be a little more preoccupied with my own stuff to notice other people's moods and then if I do, after I talk with them, I'm a send-a-good-thought kind of person. I rarely go out of my way to check in later. Way to go Loni. You're awesome.
Okay the second thing- during church she'll help people with their kids. I am not sure anyone, even Jake, understands how amazing I think this is. Loni has kids, 4 in fact. And one of them is little, like 2 years old. And still she will hold other peoples babies. Plus she is RS president. That right there is a perfect excuse to not hold a baby and still, she will. I think that's incredible! Time like a million. I love babies. They are so cute. Their laughs could melt the polar ice caps. There smiles light up a room in a way that light bulbs and even the sun just can't. But for reals, I don't really want to hold other peoples babies. I will, I am totally on board with helping out. But I find myself about 5 minutes into holding someone else's kid and I can't help but think that I don't actually have to do this. Maybe I'm terrible but I love opportunities to have two free hands. They are few and far between and so when other people who are in that same boat hold my baby, like its time to petition for a national holiday on their behalf. (for example, this post was typed one handed for half the time and was interrupted many times by my other three littles.)
Plus, Loni gives hugs. I like hugs. :D

Hey you ladies are great. Thanks for being part of my life. I really appreciate you.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Number 5: A two for one!

This one I wrote because I am feeling grateful, not because I'm crabby and want an attitude adjustment. They might be more fun this way. :)

My number 5 favorite things about... post is actually about two different wonderful ladies.
So I suppose its 5 and 6, but whatever. We'll see if I care next time whether I label it 6 or 7.
1. I can call her when I need help. This past week she helped me out a few times- first when Adam broke a glow stick and thought it was a good idea to dump the liquid in his eyes. I called her and she was busy but she had her husband come and help me hold him down so I could look at his eye. (Jake was at work) I like that I feel like I can call her when I need her. It's nice. Plus, I like that she doesn't judge me for potentially freaking out more than necessary (but in this case, I was actually calm. There wasn't any blood so I was good. Turns out, I am not good with blood)
The second time she helped me out was my kids had a dance recital and I found out last Saturday that I had to do their makeup. I don't do makeup. I wore it on my wedding day and now I mostly just wear mascara and eyeliner if I happen to have time on Sunday morning. I like to put it on but I hate washing it off, and I don't feel like it makes me look any different so what's the point? Anyways, I sent Kindra a text asking if she could help with the makeup and she had me bring them over the morning of the recital and did it for me! And she was so good with them. I would've yelled 17 million times probably but Kindra was so patient. I appreciate it. Lots. Thank you.
2. She says hi to me all the time. Kindra is one of the most genuinely kind people I know. She says hi to everyone. I think that she can't help it. I like people but I am not good at saying hi just to say hi. I wish I was. It makes people feel good. So way to go Kindra. It's nice that you are nice. And she talks to me a lot. For a long time. Randomly. Even when we don't really have anything to say. I like that.
3. I don't think she has ever cancelled on me. Jake and I invite people over all the time. We like it. It's fun to spend time with people. And while I truly don't mind if people can't come or if I get cancelled on once in a while, I sure like when I don't get cancelled on. And Kindra comes over probably every time we have invited her (and her family. We never invite just part of a family. The more the merrier we say, except we don't actually say that, we just kinda live it)
4. She constantly compliments people.  This one really doesn't need any explanation. She just compliments people.
So she's great. If you don't know her, you probably should try to. It'll be worth the effort.

My next person is Tina!
1. I just love her. Is that a weird thing to say: one of my favorite things I like about you is that I like you? Haha, but it's true.
2. She was one of the best sunbeam teachers Mikey could've ever asked for. We have wonderful primary teachers in our ward and I am confident that no matter who Mikey's teacher was, it would've been great but I am so glad that Tina and Joe were his teachers. They have the wonderful ability of making all of those kids feel like the most special one in the room. Mikey can be quiet and can kind of fall to the back but they didn't let him. (and then he got comfortable and they probably wished he would be quieter haha, it's a vicious circle)
3. She offers to help me constantly and I truly believe she means it. Tina is busy. But she offers to help all the time and I truly believe that I could ask her anytime I need to. This past week she watched Haylee for us so we could go to a birthday dinner for a friend. It freaked me out. I hadn't left her yet and Tina was nice enough to watch her for us and take pictures to send me randomly throughout the night. It was so nice of her.
4. She takes Haylee every Sunday.  I am the primary pianist and Jake is in the Young Men's presidency so it's tough to juggle our kids with our callings. Every Sunday, Tina takes Haylee for the last two hours and it is so nice! She's feeds her, changes her, puts her to sleep, everything we need. It's truly a weight off our minds knowing that Tina will have Haylee during church. So thank you. A lot.

I really love our ward and our neighbors. I am so grateful that we moved into this ward and had the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people. I can only hope that we are blessings to people as often as they are to us.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

number 4: my ward leaders

My number 4 favorite things about someone blog is about someones instead. I'd say it still counts though.

I live in a truly wonderful ward. We have met so many lovely people in the past 2 years.
Today I just want to say thank you to all of our current ward leaders.

Bishop Carling
Brother Stuart
Brother Luke
Brother deRobles
Brother Bingham
Brother Franklin

I don't know all of the leadership and I apologize if I forgot anyone (although realistically, if I forgot you, chances are seriously slim that you'd read this anyways)
Jake and I often talk about how great the ward is and it's because of all the work you great people do. Thank you.
 (I also feel the need to acknowledge Brett. Even though he technically isn't our ward leadership anymore, he's done a lot for us and I think he's definitely worth mentioning. 😊 Also worth mentioning, Erin. Mikey misses you in primary.)

There are a lot of people that deserve recognition for what they've done in our ward and if I didn't mention you, just know you are still appreciated.

So that's all. Thanks. :) We love you and appreciate you and I imagine at least one of you could use the reminder. ;)

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Little Haylee Bug

Uhm, I have four kids. Crazy. The other day Jake's sister was at our house and goes "I still can't believe you have four kids. I can vividly remember when you got married." Yeah, well it was only 5 years ago so that makes sense. Just a few days after Haylee was born was 6 years to the day that Jake and I met. Crazy.

Introducing Haylee Jill Kaleimana`o`i`o Logan
August 31 2015, 4:06pm
7lbs 4 oz, 19 inches long

So here is the story of Haylee's day! I'm going to start a few days before she was born. On Saturday August 29, I thought my water broke. When my water broke with Mikey it was very obvious but I've heard sometimes it's not as clear. So we called Jake's sister and went into the hospital and it was a false alarm. On our way to the hospital Jake's mom called and asked what we were doing and Jake was like uh errands. Haha. I'm such a freak about not telling people what's going on with my pregnancies. Ever since Adam didn't come when planned, I hate the idea of telling people I'm in labor until the baby is born. It was such a tough experience with Adam that I just keep it a secret. So we went back to our house, baby less. (ish, cause I mean I still had three at home) I was upset because I desperately wanted the baby born before September 1 but I convinced myself it wasn't a big deal. On Sunday night, Jake and I were laying in bed and I told him that we would probably go until the scheduled induction. That was tough for me because the entire pregnancy I was absolutely convinced that Haylee would come on her own and would come early. So it was upsetting to be so convinced that it was no longer going to happen that way. But I really was okay with it. I had gotten myself to that point.
The next morning, Jake got up and went to work and I sat at the table and made a list of things I wanted to do that day, I was scheduled to be induced on that following Thursday so I wanted to be on top of things around the house before that. The first thing I planned to do was scrub the kids bathtub. I was leaning over the tub and I thought I wet my pants. And I was so ticked. That hadn't happened with any of my previous pregnancies but I know that it's not uncommon for some. And then it kept coming. This was at 9:30a. They say to wait an hour before coming into the hospital if you think your water has broken to see if you are still leaking (a little at home test if you will) So, I waited. And I didn't call Jake because I didn't want to call him, have him come home, and then have him have to go back to work because sike! false alarm again. I finished the tub, did a few dished, laid on the couch and watched TV and then around 10:45a I started to have contractions. And they were terrible. I had been checked at the hospital on Saturday and I was at a 3, almost 4 and so I started to get worried because I go pretty fast once I get started. So I called Jake. Who works 45 minutes from our house. He answers his phone and I'm like uhm, my water broke. You need to call your sister and come get me. He was massively confused (which is funny because when my water broke with Mikey he couldn't really comprehend it either. I thought it was because it was the middle of the night but nope, it's just his natural reaction) About a half hour later, I called Jake back and was like dude, serious contractions. Drive fast. And he told me that he hadn't been able to get a hold of either of his sisters. So I started calling neighbors and no one was answering, well one did but she wasn't home. And I was so stressed out. What was I going to do with my kids! Jake got home and was trying to feed the kids as fast as he could (it was 11:30 now) and I was sweating so bad because my contractions were killing me. (I'm really not so tough. At all.) And I was almost in tears because I was so worried about everything. And then, Kindra called back. And it was lovely. I felt so much calmer knowing that we could drop the kids off and be on our way to the hospital. While we dropping the kids off with the Buras' I was trying to not show how much it hurt but I'm pretty sure she could tell haha. We finally got a hold of Jake's sister who agreed to pick the kids up from Kindra and everything was good. Except I was still in labor and it hurt. (again, such a baby guys.)
We got to the hospital a little before 1 and they put me in the little triage room to make sure that my water had actually broken and the whole time I was thinking, this is unnecessary. I know it broke and on the off chance it hadn't, these contractions are for real. But I didn't say that. I was just all polite and calm on the outside but on the inside, not so much. They checked me in and checked my cervix again and they were like okay you're so posterior we can't find it. And I was ticked. No, wait, what is like 4 steps past ticked? Because seriously, so painful and I hadn't even progressed enough for them to be able to find my stupid cervix! And I had decided I wanted to try it naturally (for financial reasons- Adam's finger is seriously expensive. Otherwise, I would've been all about the drugs. Huge proponent of epidurals. For reals. Just do it. You ain't got nothing to prove.) So I spent the next 2 hours in the most pain I have ever experienced. It was awful. The nurse taught Jake some pressure points to help with the pain but I think that's really just for the placebo effect, it didn't do anything for me. Finally, at 3:15, I told Jake I wanted an epidural. I was frustrated that I was giving up and it hadn't even been very long but you know what doesn't matter when you are in that much pain? Money. Medical bills. Previous plans and goals. All of those things meant nothing to me. So I told Jake to call the nurse and then I completely shut down. I sat in the bed and stared. At the wall. The ceiling. The floor. Wherever. And I didn't talk. At all. I couldn't. Jake tried to talk to me. Didn't matter. I could not come up with a response. I heard him talk to me. I comprehended it. But that was as far as I got.Then at 3:40 the nurse came in and asked if I wanted to be checked before I got the epidural. I just kept staring at the floor. Jake was like uh, we should probably just get the epidural. (I think he was actually pretty worried about me. In retrospect, I wish I would've been checked) So then, 20 minutes later the anesthesiologist got to my room. He started to talk to me and ask questions and I didn't care. And then him and the nurse were shooting the breeze, discussing the weather and kids and inside I was like "Seriously, shut up. Why are you talking. Just put in my epidural and leave. I don't care that you love September. I don't care that your wife had a baby a few months ago. I don't care." Which is a big deal because I am a nice person. I am actually typically interested in the random things people feel the need to share. I like talking to people and hearing about their lives. Random people. The people behind me at the grocery store check out line. Apparently, pain brings out a wonderful side in me.
So after 5 minutes of them talking and such, he tells me that he is just about to put in the initial shot of medicine and that I will feel relief in about 3 minutes. And I start screaming. For reals, I could not, could NOT contain this scream. I was in so much pain. My nurse helps put me back on the bed and checked me and was like oh man, she's ready. Call the doctor. Tell him to run. Then I screamed again. I hear the nurse say "This baby is coming now. Meredith if you need to push, then push." And  I was like I can't. I can't do it. The doctor isn't here, I can't push. Who is going to catch Haylee! (I only said the I can't do it out loud, the rest was inside) She was so calm and said, "Meredith you can do this. The medicine won't have time to start working. You can do this." And I was terrified. Jake was holding my hand and being so sweet, repeating over and over again that I could do this and I was doing great. The door opens, the doctor comes in, the nurse puts his gown on and his gloves are half on and Haylee was born! I pushed once. He barely had time to catch her. She was born at 4:06p. Two minutes before the epidural was supposed to start working. And it was awful. For real. What I learned from this experience -- it is not worth it to do it natural. Other women do it natural and are all like, Oh it's not that bad. I can do this. And then they have them all natural. Not me. Nope. Never again. I'm getting the epidural as soon as possible from here on out. Kudos to those women who say it's not that bad. They should get medals, awards, national holidays. I have unlimited respect for them. Because, in my humble opinion, it is THAT bad. Probably even worse.
Right after she was born, Jake ran out to the car to get the camera because I needed my picture of her on the scale and the doctor looked around and then says to me "Where's dad? Does he want to cut the cord?" I laughed a bit and said "Uh, he doesn't want to do that at all. Go for it." And the doctor was like "Oh cool. I get to do it. I never get to do this!" (Jake really does not want to do that at all. He has a very strict above the waist rule during labor. Looks either at my face or the ceiling.) Jake got back, my booster shot of the pain medicine started working (so yeah, I had to do it natural and we get to pay for an epidural. Awesome.) he took the picture of Haylee and then we waited for like 3 hours before the could move me to mother and baby because 1. my epidural was too strong for me to move, and 2. I had moderate bleeding so I had to hang out. So there you have it.

A few other random funny happenings.
1. Apparently, after I screamed the anesthesiologist ran from the room. Literally. According to the nurse, he really doesn't like labor.
2. There was a paramedic in training and a nursing student in the room to observe and I guess it really freaked them out. I heard the nurse say "Don't worry. We call this spontaneous labor. It's not normally like this."
3. Later the doctor came back to check on me and my bleeding and told me that he really did run from his office. Seriously, so glad he made it on time.
4. When I screamed. Jake grabbed my hand really tight. I think I really scared him. He does not like the whole labor experience and really does not like the medicine free experience.
5. I was texting my friend Tiffany because I had called her about watching the kids but I found someone else first and she was like "So I'm not sure how to ask this question but your water broke. Does anything at your house need to be cleaned up?" She's basically the best. For reals. I wrote a whole post about it. Read it if you haven't yet.
6.Also, here's a funny story. Like 4 days before Haylee was born Mikey comes up to me and says Mama, is Haylee going to hurt her bum? And I was like what are you talking about? And he goes, when she is born. Will it hurt her? Is she going to just fall onto the floor and hurt her bum? And he was so concerned about this. And so I explained that a doctor would be there to catch her and she would be okay. So this is extra funny. Now. Then it was not so funny.

So there you go. How Haylee got here. It was scary and stressful and felt much longer than it really was but it all worked out and eventually, one day, I'll probably have convinced myself it was wonderful. I am so grateful that she is here and healthy. I am grateful that I really am tougher than I thought. And I'm grateful for the hospital and all the staff that helped out. And most of all, I am SO grateful for Jake. He was such a big help and I just love him.

And now for some more pictures!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Number 3 -- Aubree

I'm not going to lie, I am struggling these days. I truly have never been so tired and I just cry all the time because I am too tired to fight it. So, in the hopes of helping me be more positive and happy I am going to blog about my friend, Aubree.
She is pretty great. (obviously, that's why I am blogging about her!)

I have three main reasons for being a fan of her.
#1. Basically since I've known her she has been sick. She had migraines with no relief for months (I can't remember how long but seriously, months team.) and she was still so happy. (it's possible she still has them and I just don't know because she is that good at hiding it.) I'm not good at that. I am not a fake it til I make it kind of person and I have no desire or drive to be openly happy when I am in fact, not happy. It's not my most charming characteristic but it's how it is. Now, when I have a headache, I can barely function and I have had a migraine once. It lasted for 3 days and I'm pretty sure that I made Jake stay home from work. So, serious props to Aubree. I think that's truly amazing how she was able to stay happy and function. Way to go, lots of respect over here.

#2. She is generous. For example, she brought a gift for Haylee (which is so cute, I love the clothes) and because she is so nice, she brought little gifts for my other three kids. Isn't that so nice? Natalie loves her little necklaces and the boys are constantly having monster truck battles. She definitely didn't have to bring anything and she brought lots. It was great. Plus, she stayed and chatted for a while which is nice. I like when people want to talk to me. (this is just one of many examples I have of her generosity. For reals, she's amazing like that.)

#3. Okay, this is probably my favorite thing about her. I can go for a good period of time without talking to her and then when we do talk, it feels like no time has passed. I think that being able to treat people like that is a gift and a sign of a true friend. It sounds kind of weird but I like it. I like that she can talk to me for however long and we have no awkward pauses or anything. It's really nice.

So those are my main three reasons for liking Aubree. I have more but sometimes short and sweet is better. Jake and I constantly talk about how much we like the Hibbert's and how glad we are that we met them. One more great reason to live in EM, or five rather because that's how many Hibbert's there are!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


My second favorite things post, this time featuring my friend Tiffany Miller.
I love Tiffany and here are some of the reasons why:

1. She is so kind. She was the first person I met when we moved to Eagle Mountain. She was in the mother's lounge and we chatted for a few minutes before she went back in to sacrament meeting. Every week since then, which had been almost 2 years, she has said hello to me. When you are new to any situation, having someone be consistently kind to you is so wonderful. I told Jake probably 2 or 3 weeks after I met her that I wanted to be friends with her. Glad it has worked out. :D
2. I can call on her when I need help. I'm not so much of an ask for help person. I especially don't like to feel like I'm putting people out. So the fact that I feel like I can call Tiffany is a huge deal.  When Natalie was about  5 months old, she crawled into a chair and cut her forehead. Tiffany was the first person I thought of to call to watch my boys while we went to get her taken care of. Then a month ago, when Adam cut his finger (on a chair again... maybe we should just get rid of all our chairs. I like to sit on the floor anyways.) she walked over to our house to pick up Mikey and Natalie even though she was like 35 or so weeks pregnant. Seriously, how great is she?
3. We did preschool together. I liked doing preschool, most of the time. Some days it was just too much for me and Tiffany was a wonderful friend to let me complain. Plus, it was great to do preschool because it really strengthened friendships.
4. She thinks I'm funny. It's just the best to be around people who like you and think you are funny. And she lets people know when she likes them. It's nice.
5. She notices and cares. This pregnancy has been hard. And I'm not great at hiding my feelings but I also don't wear them on my sleeves. But somehow, Tiffany caught on to the fact that I was struggling and she was amazing. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure how she realized it but when she asked me about it I could tell she cared and it made it so easy to talk to her about it. I didn't feel judged or condemned for struggling and it was refreshing. Sometimes, you feel judged, whether you really are being or not and she didn't make me feel that way. She sent me Facebook messages every day, brought us dinner, watched Mikey for a few hours one day so I could sleep. (keep in mind, she was in the home stretch of her pregnancy at this point. Amazing.) It was wonderful that she just took charge and helped me because, as I mentioned before, I'm not so good at asking for help. It really helped that she cared enough to take time out of her busy life to check in on me. It meant a lot.
6. She doesn't complain. Tiffany truly is someone that I look up to for so many reasons. I tell Jake constantly how I just think the world of her. And one of those reasons is that she just about never complains. That's pretty amazing to me. She has four small kids (yay for your cute new little girl!) and her husband was in the bishopric and is now in the high council and she is a champ. She stays positive and happy, maybe not always bubbly but still happy. (actually, I like that she isn't super bubbly. Makes me feel better about my lack of bubbles haha)  I am not always happy or even have the facade of happiness. So way to go Tiff. I can barely handle Jake being in YM's so imagine how much I must respect Tiffany for handling her husband's calling.

I really just like her a lot. Any of you that know her, know just how amazing she is and I hope you all realize how lucky you are to have her in your life, which I am sure you do. Because, in case I haven't made this clear, she is great. :D

Thanks for being great Tiffany. You are one of the main reasons I am so glad that we moved here. Thanks for being my friend. :)

Thanks for reading.