Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adam Adam Bo Badam

Look at this little cutie? And chunky! A 9lb baby and he has been ahead of the curve ever since.
We had a hard time getting Adam out of me and it was a perfect indication of how stubborn he is in life. He just does things in his own time which is not bad but after a kid like Mikey that is so go with the flow it's hard. Mikey is just Jake and Adam is just me. (well in the stubborn regard)

Adam is 19 months old today! And 32 lbs last time we checked. He is just big. And he loves teddy bears, tv, food, hugs, and going outside. Seriously about the going outside. If the door opens, you can hear Adam just pounding away, running to catch the door. It's hard because when we don't actually want him outside, he screams. 

Another charming aspect of Adam is his fits. This kid throws fits like how they do tv. Full on face plants, kicks and screams and bangs his head on the floor. I've started to have to hold him tight because he has started to hurt himself. Turns out I am really not that strong- always a nice thing to learn in the heat of a toddler fit.

Oh and he also loves kisses. But only the lips- much to my dismay (I am NOT a lip kissing kind of mom- we do cheeks at the Logan house. The end) And cuddles. Adam is just such a cuddle bug and he has been ever since day 1. It is so nice. Another thing I love about Adam- he has the biggest smile. So, when little kids smile, it just takes over their whole face, you know? Little kids don't know that sometimes you smile even when you don't want to so their smiles are just always sincere and it is so lovely. But, when Adam smiles, the whole room lights up. His smile is contagious and wonderful. It's just not possible to be mad at him when he smiles- and being his mom, I know this. I can be absolutely furious with him and he walks over and smiles and things are better. It's a great blessing and I hope it's one that he nurtures forever. When he is married, it will be so nice for his wife. Seriously.

Now onto the photo evidence of this cute, mischievous, chunky, smiley kiddo. 

An example of the fit I was referring to

He just never wears pants. Really.

Mikey was potty training and Adam wanted underwear too.

See, no pants.

I have no idea how this one happened but I am so glad I got a picture.

Okay, I know everyone thinks that their kids are the cutest but seriously- this has to be the cutest picture ever. Really. I mean in existence. In the history of the world. :D

He just attacks life with a passion. And food.

I was in the living room, playing with Natalie when I hear a chair being dragged across the floor and then some giggling. This is what I found. My son, double fisting the cookies.

Always bruised. Probably his 5th black eye. After he got it, Shelly was like oh his first black eye. I snorted. :D He always has a black eye it seems like.

He wanted to drink the yogurt

Pure joy.

Well I hope you enjoyed this kid update. Stay tuned for Natalie. And by stay tuned I mean tune in again, later. Once I blog it. You know.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All About Mikey

Can you believe this little buddy is almost 3? It blows my mind. He walks, he talks (ish), he climbs, he pees in the toilet, he carries his 6 month old sister around (that's not necessarily the safest but we stay real close), he gets his own water, he mimics me all the time (my favorite is when he goes one! two! three! Fold your arms Baby Adam- it's adorable but I hope I don't really sound like that)
I went a little nuts with the pictures because every time I blog I put up a bunch of pictures and then I go through and delete some of them. Well not this time friends! 28 pictures for you to feast on with your eyes (they are from the last 5 months except for the first one obviously)

I am just so proud of this little guy. He made me a mom and we are trucking along together, learning how to do this whole parenting/child thing. I remember once my dad telling me that parents are new at this stuff too. I think about that sometimes when I do something that just devastates my kids. I am still learning too, so I just pick up the pieces, learn from it, and keep on going!

He is really weird though. An example: he has started to climb onto my lap, grab my face, pry my mouth open and yell, "Hey you bad guys! Get out here!" What? Really? I don't get it. He used to say "Hey new baby! Get out here!" I had to explain to him that we aren't having a new baby yet and when we do, he/she won't be coming out of my mouth. He was pretty concerned and when he asked where it comes from, I just turned on Mickey Mouse. Kudos to parents who want to tackle that early, but not this girl.

Mikey is such a happy little dude. He is so sweet to his little sister, a bully to his little brother but sometimes, when he is really bad I take Adam "away" and Mikey can't play with him and it's pretty clear how much he really loves Adam. He gives so much love and affection and he is so smart and kind. He loves superheroes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse. He likes to help us cook, listen to music and we have dance parties all the time. Plus, he is like the cutest almost 3 year old around ;) Care for some evidence? Scroll down!

sometimes Mikey just wants to clean. we are working to encourage that haha

not a great example of the happy I was referring to earlier 

I promise he wears more than pjs and a hat. Really. I swear.

One day Mikey is going to hate this picture. I think I'll put it in his wedding slideshow. What could be better!

I'm not sure what is going on here but I love it.

Yes my counters are always that cluttered. It's a personal problem.
Mikey just loves to cook.

He wanted to play with water in the kitchen. I said no. He was not pleased.

I love when I come into the kitchen and they are sitting like this. Mikey can be such a bully sometimes but most of the time him and Adam are just best friends.

Mikey did not want to do this but he trusts his grandpa so here he is, on a pig head.

This is a pose. How he decided he should react to the flash.

I did not tell him to pose like this. I don't know where he gets this stuff but seriously, how cute!

This is the oven to the kitchen we built them for Christmas. (they broke the handle off) Mikey insists that Adam sits with him in there. It's pretty cute.

I realize the Mikey is not in this picture but these are the babies. The green dog is Mikey's baby Scout, the teddy bear is Adam's baby Polar and Natalie is my baby. And Jake does not have a baby haha. How little Mikey knows. He makes me line them up all the time. Isn't that so cute? He brings Scout to me and is like Oh no mama! my baby cries! So I ask him how to fix it and he alternates between food, a toy, a cuddle, and pat his back. Cute.

Oh man. Mikey and Adam just loved this motorbike. (it's not ours, it's a friends) And now every time a bike goes by our house Mikey freaks out and is like It's Sean's bike!

Mikey needed to be safe while showing off his motorbike to Sean. Shout out to Grandma Colleen for the bike. Mikey loves it. (the helmet is not his, it's Sean's)

After we made brownies, Mikey wanted to take pictures while we waited for them to cook.

I just love him. I can't believe that I am a mom. I can't believe that Mikey is almost 3. And I can't believe I have 3 kids. But it's pretty great. I didn't have any idea where my life was going to take me but I sure am glad that it is where it is.

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