Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've had three kids for a week... and I am still alive, and so are they. Mom points.

Natalie Paige Kapilialoha Logan
January 21, 2014
7lbs 14oz
20 inches

First here are picture of all three of my little sweethearts right after they were born. When Mikey was born, Jake took a picture of him on the scale and I loved it. It is potentially one of my favorite newborn pictures of him. So when I was pregnant with Adam I constantly told Jake how important it was to me to get one of Adam on the scale and voila, we have started a tradition. Apparently, I talk about it so much that even my doctor mentioned it to Jake haha. They had taken Natalie off the scale and Dr Sells was like Oh wait, Jake did you get your picture? Isn't that nice of her? And potentially embarrassing for me?




You can't really tell but Natalie's hair is black- both of the boys had dark hair right when they were born, cause it's all nasty and dirty but even after her bath, Natalie's stayed black. Like Jake's. I am pretty excited about it because I have always wanted black hair and brown eyes- I can live vicariously through my daughter!

Well how about a quick telling of the day? I got called on Monday saying that my induction was scheduled for 6:15a. I was excited but 6:15 is so early, especially when it takes 40 minutes to get to the hospital but oh well! We got there late... at about 6:30, 6:45 ish and after we got all checked in, they started me on that terrible medicine pitocin at 7:45 ish. I was so scared that it wasn't going to work that I didn't let Jake tell anyone the date. Last time when I had to come home from the hospital still pregnant I was absolutely devastated- I know that sounds stupid but it was so hard for me and I hated having to tell people that it didn't work and I was not going to do that again. So my dad and stepmom knew but only because they were staying at our house watching our boys. Otherwise, I wouldn't have told them. I did try to distract myself from that possibility and we guessed when she would be born. Jake said 8:30 but I don't know if he meant morning or night and he thought she would be 8lbs. I guessed 3p and didn't even attempt a weight guess. So I got the time and Jake was seriously close to the weight.
Anyways, I was a few cm along and like 40% effaced which is crappy but it was okay. My doc said it was going to work. So, by 11:30 when I was still only 2 cm and 50% effaced (but the nurse said she was being generous) I cried. It wasn't working again. They called Dr Sells and she came and broke my water, which I am not going to lie, was not a pleasant experience but it meant we were getting our baby! That was at noon and we texted our families to let them know what was going on. I got my epidural after some debate on whether or not I should, and honestly, so glad I did. Our insurance doesn't cover it but Jake told me that I shouldn't be worrying about the money which I was able to do a lot better once the pain medicine started. I got the same guy that did the epidural with Adam, only this time he gave me the booster shot way earlier so I got to take a nap! Wahoo! I woke up around 2:15 because something felt weird. I laid there for 30 minutes before I had Jake call the nurse. She came in, checked me and I was ready to go.
Dr Sells, Dr Clark, and Melanie (my nurse) all got there and had me start pushing at 2:59p (to be exact haha) Dr Clark explained to me that she was at zero position so I would probably have to push longer than I would like. I pushed once and she was like oh never mind. And 6 minutes later, she was born! I was pretty excited because they let me cut the cord. They asked Jake and he was like absolutely not so they let me!
So far, we have had a great recovery. A little sore and some serious nursing contractions but all in all, it's been pretty easy. We are all pretty tired but baby girl seems to be thriving and her older brothers are thrilled to have her here, and her mom is also thrilled to not be pregnant, and if I had to guess, I'd say her dad is pretty excited to not be married to a pregnant woman haha

Enjoy some pictures that I took. Some are probably repeats from facebook but babies are so fun and cute, no one cares about repeats, right?

Natalie with Grandpa! I think that she is the only grandkid Dad has got to meet in the hospital.

Grandpa showing her off to the boys. With Mikey it was like love at first sight, Adam didn't so much care but he is starting to develop a little curiosity.

Mikey kissing her. He insisted on holding her whenever he could and he still does actually.

Family Picture! I look a lot more tired here than I remember feeling.

The next day, Dad and Michele brought the boys back to the hospital and when he took her Mikey got pretty upset. Apparently, if I am not holding her, Mikey is supposed to be.

Jake has baby magic. He had it with the boys too but seriously, it's getting stronger. I'll be holding her and she will be freaking out, Jake takes her, even when he is half asleep and she just calms right down in a matter of seconds. Amazing. In case you didn't know, I married a seriously awesome guy and he is fantastic dad to our three little cuties.

Natalie sleeping! Our tender mercy: we can wrap her up, lay her down and she will fall asleep on her own. The boys would have never done that I am beyond grateful. I don't know how I could take care of all the babies if I had to hold her all the time. I do love holding her though. She is all cute and cuddly. (not as cuddly as Adam but still it's nice)

Okay here is the last thing I wanted to show. A few months ago, a woman in my ward (whose name I can't remember, my bad) told our RS president that she had a baby rocking chair that they didn't need anymore and Shellbi gave it to us! I was pretty excited because we had given away our old baby chair because our boys really didn't care for it and I didn't want it taking up space. So she dropped off the chair and I'm not going to lie, I didn't like it. I could see why it would be cute to some people but it just wasn't my cup of tea. So I redid it! And here are before and after pictures. I am proud of it.

After! I used some really cute fabric that I fell in love with when we visited my dad and stepmom last May and so she gave it to me (as well as making Natalie a baby blanket with the left over she didn't give me) and I spray painted it white with some special baby safe spray paint! (who knew there was such a thing) I think it looks so much better! (which may be conceited haha)
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Monday, January 13, 2014

I never know what to title my posts...

Well folks, it's January 13. My due date is January 27. Wanna know something strange? I am terrified. Not for labor. At the risk of sounding obnoxious, I am pretty good at that part. (as long as nothing goes wrong) But truly, I am so scared to have three kids. The majority of people I talk to say that three is the breaking point. (obviously not truly breaking because people have more kids but still) I don't want to break. I'm not going to lie. I am pretty lucky though because even though my family doesn't live near, Jake has some siblings that are willing to help out, my dad and stepmom are coming to visit soon and Jake's mom is coming probably next month so we'll do all right. But still scary. Words of encouragement and "three is great" would be appreciated.

So instead of focusing on that silly scary stuff I am going to do an update.

Jake- this week there is an Angular Conference in SLC that he gets to go to because work bought him tickets. When he first mentioned it, I said "maybe we could buy you tickets if work won't do it" He was pretty excited, looked it up- and yeah, they were like upwards of $800. That was not going to happen. I love when he tells people that he is going to an Angular Conference because everyone goes, Oh what's that and he says it's a Web front end frame work. (it's possible those words aren't in the right order.. stuff happens) And the confused looks keep on coming, so he says It'll help build websites. I don't understand why he doesn't just start with that. Silly dude. He is really hoping the baby doesn't come before the conference because he has been looking forward to this for three months or so. I am hoping it doesn't too, but just for him. For me, she could come right now.

Me- Just slowly checking things off my list before Baby Girl is born and trying desperately to keep up with my two little kiddos. I just got called as Visiting Teaching supervisor so wish me luck. I am not terribly social and I hate using the phone-- when I know where it is-- so here is to stretching and getting out of my comfort zone. My knee is still causing me problems but I am hoping that after the baby comes and with the medicine they put me on, it'll start to feel better. At church people keep asking me what's wrong and I didn't realize my limp was that bad. Jake says I look like a pirate with a peg leg. I married a good man haha.

Mikey- He is doing great. Growing and such. 27 pounds and 36 inches tall. I am not sure where he keeps it all but that is what the scale reads. Lately, he is obsessed with meat and will eat everything on his plate as long as every other bite consists of meat. He is funny with that because two or three weeks ago, it was pasta and before that it was potatoes. If the cycle continues like it has in the past, in the next week or so he'll be all about fruit.  He is also obsessed with Power Rangers Samurai which is awful. I loved Power Rangers when I was a kid (no shame) and this new PR, which is about 20 years newer probably has worse special effects and acting then Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Sad. But he loves it. He mimics a lot of stuff though so we might have to stop with the fighting because if he kicks my belly one more time, so help me. ;) Also, we hear that he is just the cutest during singing time in nursery- he doesn't attempt to sing but he does the actions. We are proud.

Adam- Adam is still a tank. 25 or 26 pounds and about 29 inches tall. And he walks everywhere. But honestly, he looks too big to walk. It's pretty entertaining. He won't wear socks much to my dismay because his feet are always cold, but I think they get in the way of his walking. Even the ones with grips. Silly. He has started to say a few little things like no, Mama, Dada, and... I think that is it. Dada is always nice and sweet and Mama sounds awful. Like the end of the world hit and the only one who can save it is me, but only with ample encouragement from a screaming one year old.

Baby Girl- coming soon! Excited but scared. You know. Are you ready for the big name reveal? Jake reserves the right to change his mind but honestly, I can't imagine he will. This baby has been so hard for us to pick a name for. It turns out we don't love girl's names. We have gone through about 4 names but they never seemed quite right so a few weeks ago, we found a list online and wrote down every name that neither of us hated. We ended up with 5- Natalie, Paige, Rylee, Skylee, and Isabell. And we could not narrow it down anymore for the next three or four days. My favorite is Paige, Jake's favorite is Natalie. I didn't want Natalie and Jake didn't want Paige. But then our great friend, Michelle Petersen, suggested Natalie Paige. And ta-da! We named our baby. Natalie Paige Kapilialoha Logan. I am surprised Jake agreed to two middle names because he doesn't like that but we both agreed that we like the way it sounds and we like it better than Paige Kapilialoha or Natalie Kapilialoha so we all win! (we also know that more than 4 names just isn't right for us so this will probably be the longest name we have because at the end of the day, neither of us really wanted 4 anyways) But this name seems right.

Well this is a long post and to end it off I have some pictures. On New Years we spent an hour or so on the internet trying to find something fun to do with the boys because it was Jake's last day off work. We found the Tracy Aviary in SLC. We had never heard of it but it was One Dollar Winter Wednesdays so Jake, Shelly, the boys and I bundled up (well Jake doesn't bundle) and we went and walked around for an hour or so.  It was awesome. We saw some eagles, owls, a few tropical birds and best of all Mikey and Adam loved it. We will definitely be going back, when it is warm.

Jake was a big fan of the Bald Eagle.

So was Mikey. He didn't want to look away.

When we took this picture, we thinking of our Grandmas. Shout out to Grandma Jan and especially Grandma Jude because she loves birds. I know there aren't cardinals but still.

Probably our last family picture of 4!
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!