Monday, April 29, 2013

I am only 23.

Ah, back to the good ole blog. I have been ridiculously busy lately. With what you ask? I couldn't tell ya. I always have something that needs to be done and I feel like I am go-go-go all the time but then at the end of the day, I think back and cannot figure out what I did at all. It's depressing. Seems like being so exhausted should at least show some kind of progress. But alas, 'tis not the case. There are still always dishes, laundry and toys scattered around. My kids are always dirty it seems, no matter how many baths I give. Mikey is always putting something in his mouth and then deciding to share with Adam (I don't know why he thinks he should pre-chew the food because we certainly never did that with him) It is strange though, at the end of the day, more often than not, I feel fulfilled. It is a confusing feeling because I can sit on the couch and come up with a million more things to do but when both the boys are fed, changed and sleeping and my husband sits next to me with his arm around me, I feel good. 
The other day I was talking to a friend and she was surprised that I was 23 with two kids. She was kind of rude when she said "Don't you feel trapped? So young and two kids already. How are you ever going to do anything with your life now?" I looked at her, genuinely confused, and said " Actually, think about it this way. I have a college degree, a great husband with a wonderful job, two awesome kids and I am only 23. Sounds like to me I am winning."
I mean really, look at this life...
This is what I found when I came into the living room the other day. Awesome. When I made him clean them up I could not believe the fit that happened. The terrible twos seem to be coming-bad news.

Adam with his Aunty Shelly. We are still working on looking at the camera haha
Jake carrying the boys. Mikey used to love this but not so much anymore. Adam, however, still a fan
Matchy-matchy. Awesome. Mikey likes to climb into the laundry basket and have Jake pull him and Adam around the kitchen. They love it- all three of 'em.
They do this for about 10 minutes at least. They used to use an ethernet cable but then I found a rope- better I think.
Mikey prefers the white basket I think. No wheels= easier to climb into, however, harder for Jake to pull
Sunday morning family movie. Mikey woke up at 7 (which is way early for him) so we watched Mulan while eating muffins and drinking juice.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter and the Zoo! Whatta Life!

Jake's sister came into town last week and while she was here we went to the zoo. It was Mikey's first time there and it was so much fun. Here is the story of our day in pictures!
Mikey went on the carousel with Aunty Liz. It doesn't look like he loved it but he really did.
Lina, Gideon, Mikey, me and Jake looking at the birds and such. About 5 minutes after I got pooped on- by a bird, not a son
Me and Mikey on the tiger statue. We almost missed the tiger which woulda be sad because Mikey thought he was seriously cool... or she... ya know I didn't read the sign.
Mikey trying to find the "tick-tock croc" (he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
Adam with Aunty Abby. Adam was such a champ. He slept most of the time and barely cried at all.
Isn't Adam so cute? I love my little baby so much.
Now on to Easter!
First off all, I bought all the boys new outfits- even Jake. I wanted to get something for me but I couldn't find one so instead I just used what I already had and coordinated with my men.

Me with my kiddos. Red and brown was the theme. Not the typical Easter color scheme but I got the clothes on clearance. That's way better than pastels I think.
My matching boys! Red ties and brown pants. The little boys had vests but I couldn't find one for Jake. Adorable right?
 I also went a little over the top when it came to Easter baskets but I love to do stuff like that for my family. I didn't do a terribly special breakfast- just eggs in a hole and some fruit and sausage.

I hid Jake's basket under the bassinet in the pack-n-play. I thought I was so clever but Jake found it in about a minute. He got the Hobbit and the board game Axis and Allies along with his candy
So instead of hiding Mikey's basket, I had a trail of candy from his bed to the his basket in the living room and I left his door open so when he woke up he could just follow the trail. He woke up and squealed, he was so excited to see his candy. It was so fun for me. I made Jake get up and sleep on the couch so I could wake him up easily so he could see Mikey. Mikey came running out of his room, ignoring the candy trail to the couch and was like mama! showing me his hands full of candy. It was great.
Mikey's "basket" -it's really a tin pail with his name painted on it- and his bowling set
Adam's basket was a little trickier because he doesn't do candy. So he got plastic eggs with rice inside for a rattle, a monkey rattle, a seriously soft bunny and a few little wrist rattles- he really likes rattles

We went to church after the great basket unveil.. I got one too I just don't have pictures. I got candy and Fast Five. I love that movie. Church was great and the boys were so well behaved. Afterwards we had some friends over and we ate turkey and all the fixins. After dinner we played Munchkin and Harry Potter Scene it! I love that game.. not Munchkin, HP of course!

Hope all of your Easters were fantastic as well.

Graduation and Making the Bed

Two new and exciting things have happened at my house lately.

First- I graduated! Wahoo (the pictures below are from the grad ceremony in August) I just finished all my course work and am officially a graduate of BYU 2013! Also, shout out to my dad who has 5 of 6 college grads and one almost half way there. Also, 3 of his kids in law have degrees, 1 is graduating next week and the other is working on hers. What a well educated family!

The next exciting thing, which I might be even more excited about is Mikey has started to make his bed!! Excellent. I am so proud. It's pretty good for a 20 month old. He even put that teddy bear up there all by himself. It's almost the same size as him haha.