Sunday, March 27, 2011

My ever-so-embarrassing Goal.

Okay, so I have this problem. I LOVE television shows. Like watch multiple shows daily. I have 3 seasons of Bones, 1 season of Glee, 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, 5 seasons of Saved by the Bell, 8 seasons of Charmed, and 6 seasons of One Tree Hill on DVD, not to mention I used to have all 10 seasons of Friends and all 4 seasons of What I Like About You and I have watched every episode of them at least twice. And like 10 times for Gilmore Girls (that show is funny every time...) It is a sick obsession. I used to faithfully watch at least 7 shows every week (I can't always remember all of them... I know, awful). Sick. So at Christmas I decided that I would only watch 3- Greek, Bones, and Pretty Little Liars- because I don't want to be a mom that just watches TV all the time when they have a new baby. (I am not confident that there are those types of moms out there but I know that if there weren't any, I would have been the first) I would've only done 2 but Greek ended for good in February and its basically my favorite show, Bones is just so great and I didn't want to stop watching it and Pretty Little Liars was going to be my ABC Family fix because Greek was ending and I am pretty sure it is my favorite channel. (So I guess I really only have 2 shows now) Well the other night I was thinking about how even though I only watch 3 shows now, I just watch the episodes over and over again. (Bones and Greek are instant play on netflix) SO! I have set a goal. Right now Pretty Little Liars is on season break because ABC Family is weird and does every show in halves and they start at random times, and Bones doesn't have a new episode for like 3 weeks I think. My goal is to not watch any tv shows AT ALL for as long as I can last. (Originally it was no TV or movies but me and Jake really like to watch movies together and I don't typically watch them on my own) I have made it about 24 hours and I am not going to lie- its been rough. (How embarrassing) But, I did read a whole book today to get my mind off of TV. And I have a book list I am working on- Next is Jane Eyre. I will keep you all updated. :D Wish me luck.


  1. Meredith HOW are you? I have missed you at Church the last 2 weeks!! What's up? Hugs, Aunt Millie

  2. haha!! Good luck!! That's a great goal... I've had to do that with facebook before...even more embarrassing! :-/