Thursday, August 2, 2012


I've never been a huge fan of the month of August- Let's be real here- I hate heat. Ask me any day- even the coldest of the year- and I would tell you that I would way rather be blue because of the cold. I love sweaters and blankets and socks and toques and scarves and gloves and all that jazz. Ya know what I hate? Shorts and t-shirts. (well to say I hate t-shirts is a little strong but definitely warranted for the shorts) Besides the heat, it was always just a long and lazy month that ended with having to go to school- which was always one of my favorite things- weird how things change...- anyways, it just seemed to go so slowly and I was so anxious for September- school, autumn, leaves slowly changing colors, one month closer to my birthday and thanksgiving- favorite day of the year- I don't know any other 20-ish year old girl that pack away Thanksgiving dinner like I can- don't believe me? Ask my brothers, or my sister- while your at it, ask Shelly about pie ;)  uh... tangent, my bad.
Well this August is crazy! No joke. Starting August 4 until August 20, we have both families coming (all the family- except my lovely sister inlaw and her three kids- *sad face* I will miss them), 2 bridal showers, 2 birthday parties, 2 weddings, 2 sets of bridal pictures for me do (yay for photography!), 1 graduation, 1 ultrasound,  2 doctors appointments, a family reunion-ish thing (I obviously don't know much about that one), 3 birthdays- all turning 1, 1 move (not me, my sister), 1 bachelor/bachelorette party, 1 final exam, 1 final project due- whew, I think that is it. Plus my lovely little son is now walking (but mostly falling and gets quite upset), becoming a pickier eater (I was hoping he would take after his dad in that regard but I guess we don't always get what we want) and then we have a one week break until fall semester starts.
Then we are in school until december 14 I think- never to return to a classroom again! Hurrah! But before that happens we are going to have another baby! And, hopefully find Jake a job. And then in January our housing contract ends and we have to figure out if we want to move or not (which may be unnecessary because we don't know where he'll be working) - man oh man- our future, near and far, is looking full and bright.
I wonder if we'll ever get a break- wish us luck!

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  1. Dear Emmy, I love , love your blog, you tell it how it is with you and I love to honest communication. Keep up the good life
    Love you