Friday, April 5, 2013

Graduation and Making the Bed

Two new and exciting things have happened at my house lately.

First- I graduated! Wahoo (the pictures below are from the grad ceremony in August) I just finished all my course work and am officially a graduate of BYU 2013! Also, shout out to my dad who has 5 of 6 college grads and one almost half way there. Also, 3 of his kids in law have degrees, 1 is graduating next week and the other is working on hers. What a well educated family!

The next exciting thing, which I might be even more excited about is Mikey has started to make his bed!! Excellent. I am so proud. It's pretty good for a 20 month old. He even put that teddy bear up there all by himself. It's almost the same size as him haha.


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