Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mikey turned 2!

On Saturday, our big guy turned 2. I can't believe it. How can he be two already? Also, to add to the craziness, my oldest is 2 and I am 16 weeks along with my third. Yeah. Nuts.

When I asked what he wanted for his birthday, every time he told me "Dada". Lucky for him, Jake didn't have to work on Saturday so he got the whole day with him!

It was a fun day. We just had a simple party- Provo Splash Pad and then a barbecue in the backyard. Originally we were only going to invite family but then the more we thought about it, the more we realized that we wanted to share the day with our close friends outside of the family too. (and on Monday we went and saw Planes for his birthday. We were going to go on Saturday before the party but I got lost on the way home from picking up the cake. So, yeah, we missed it)

He made out like a bandit with presents. Let's see if I can list them all- a toy piano, two books, a Toy Story cell phone (that he carries around in his shirt- thanks to his Aunty Hannah haha), a Jake and the Neverland Pirates matching game, a playdo book, bath toys, Nerf balls, bubble gun, a bike, a fabric alphabet book, toy dinosaurs, and I cannot think of anything else- which means one of two things: I named them all, or my pregnancy brain. That's all. 

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when we went to the splash pad but I still got a few pictures from the day.

The night before his birthday, I blew up a ton of balloons and let him outside his door. Sadly, the helium didn't last quite long enough but he still loved it.

Our younger big guy, Adam getting stuck in the balloons. Poor buddy is a mover but not great at steering.

Ah, this cake. My great friend Mandy from Baking with Blondie made the cake for us and it was so cute. But then I drove it home in my crappy car that shakes all the time and it settled so the beautiful cake didn't look as great. But it still tasted great- and I don't even like cake. Chocolate with coconut filling.

I tried to move the cake back to the center of the plate with a spatula which Mikey found and sucked on it for about 10 minutes. 

Toy piano from his dad!

He loved the bubble gun and pretty much didn't want to open anything else so he could play it.

Mikey's grandma was in town and bought him a bike for his birthday! He loved it, until he fell off, now he is much more hesitant. But we are working on it.
It was a great day and it is so much fun to celebrate it with our great family and friends. Too bad the rest of them couldn't have been there too!

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