Monday, June 15, 2015

An update and announcement.

Well for some reason, I can't get pictures to upload but that's okay. I'll just talk... or type I suppose.
Just a quick update!
Let's see, we went to Disneyland which was amazing. Honestly, it was so much better than I thought it was going to be. The kids loved it. Well Mikey and Natalie loved it. Adam mostly just liked it. But he got to ride a train and so I think it made his life. Plus he met Mickey Mouse and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that was cool. When I can get the pictures to work, I'll post a bunch of them.
Jake is still working in Alpine and really enjoys it. He is also in the Young Men's presidency (an organization in our church for the boys age 12-18) and he loves it. I struggle with it because I'm just about the neediest wife ever and it's time consuming but I'm so glad that he gets to do something he loves. This week he is at scout camp and so between the two nights he'll spend up there and work, I won't get to see him much but he loves camping- although honestly I'm not sure he knows what camping on the mainland is really like but after this week he will.
I'm in my third trimester and getting more and more nervous every day. Four kids- sounds scary to me. But I'm excited still. There isn't a whole lot more to say about me. I'm not super sick like with previous pregnancies but still a little sick. Plus I'm exhausted. Without a doubt the most tired I've ever been. It's uncool because I love sleep and I am a terrible tired person.
Mikey is starting preschool in August and he's pretty excited. He is also going to start speech therapy so hopefully he'll enjoy those things. He is obsessed with Power Rangers, dinosaurs, and Octonauts. Every time I call him, he comes up to me and says Reporting for duty, Captain and salutes me. It's cute. He is turning 4 in a few months and wants a dinosaur birthday party. So I'm slowly working on that because I'll be 36 weeks pregnant in his birthday so I need to get on that. But my absolute favorite thing he does is whenever he gets hurt he tells me he's okay because Jesus made his body so it can heal. It makes me so happy. I just love the gospel and am so grateful that his love is starting young.
Adam is just a handful. He talks so much now and it's so crazy. Every day when Jake gets home from work, Adam says Dada what are you doing here? But my favorite word he says is color. It might be cutest thing I've ever heard. Literally. Adam is also in the process of being potty trained or as my dad says "parent trained." He won't tell me when he needs to go but he'll pee in the toilet and we've have 2 whole days without any accidents. So it's progress. I just need to not have three littles in diapers. After Natalie was born, I'm pretty sure all I did was nurse and change diapers. It killed me and I'm not doing that again. (Hopefully)
Natalie is just a doll. She is turning into quite the little diva though. She is such a girlie girl and Jake and I are constantly amazed by it. I'll get her dressed and then she'll go and find a dress to wear. She also will bring me headbands and hair elastics so I can do her hair but it doesn't stay in very well. She's a little crazy. But really exciting is that we just enrolled her in dance class! I didn't know they did class so young but I found a woman who has a studio in her house about 10 blocks from me. We are going to try it for the summer and if she likes it we'll keep her in until May. :) I'm so excited for it and Jake is being a good sport.
Now for our growing addition. Our baby is a girl! We are planning on naming her Haylee Jill Kaleimana'o'i'o. I'm having a hard time mastering the middle name but I have time to work on it. I can say it right most of the time but I don't always spell it correctly. So I hope I got it right. We really love the name Haylee and almost used it with Natalie but it didn't feel right. I wanted to name a baby after my mom hence her middle name of Jill and her Hawaiian name is after Jake's sister Hannah. We couldn't come up with any ideas for her middle name and I was texting with Shelly and she asked what Hannah's middle name meant. I texted Hannah and she told us it meant precious child of God and that it is a great name for a little girl. I looked at Jake and we were both like it's perfect. And so there is how we picked her name. So thank you to Shelly and Hannah for helping out with that.
I think that's all for now. :) next time I'll post some pictures so everyone can see how cute out little family is. :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. So fun to hear an update! I applaud you...4 kids! I'm barely surviving 2. Pretty name! I can't wait to see pictures of how grown up your kids are.

  2. Aw. I love the shout out. I miss you guys.

  3. Aw. I love the shout out. I miss you guys.