Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom.

Every year, for the past 8, I have HATED this week. Out of all 52 January 9th to the 15th is the worst. I just cry all week and I am crabby and my poor roommates or family or fiance or whoever I am with for that week just feels awkward.

BUT! This year, I have decided that instead of hating this week I am going to try very hard to remember how lucky I am to have had such an amazing mom. It is sad to say that I actually don't have a lot of memories of her but I have enough to make it through. Here are some that stick out in my mind:
- when I was 8, my Activity Days group went to the Cardston Temple and took pictures in our moms wedding dresses. Then, when I was 20 I got to actually be married in that dress.

- When I was little and my mom would brush my hair and I would fuss she would hit me on the head with the brush- hard!

- When they would get back from Lethbridge and if it was your birthday, mom would make you go to your room instead of helping unload so you wouldn't see your presents.

- Reading to her (9 books, I got through about half of the first one.) It was so hard for me haha. I would be reading, she would fall asleep but I wouldn't notice so I kept reading. Then later, when I'd start again she'd make me go back to when she fell asleep but I didn't know when that was, and she had already read them so I didn't understand. Haha, the hardships of being 11.

-asking her to get something from the fridge, when she was already standing and her saying, you have two legs.

- When I had a loose tooth and she would say, "Come here, just let me look at it. I won't pull it, I promise." And then, before I knew it, she would have it in her hand and I would be crying.
- hanging out in her bedroom.

- Watching Ice Age and Legally Blonde and her laughing so hard Dad had to turn it off.
- Her getting upset because I brought her a milk chocolate pudding cup instead of a fudge one.

I just love my mom, and I miss her everyday. Happy Birthday Mom, I wish we could celebrate it together.


  1. meredith this is so sweet-your mom was one of a kind-she was always so feisty- and always so smart and beautiful too! i think of her everyday. i know she is proud of you. i love you, peace**aunt jan

  2. Emmy, I love your blog, you bring such sweet memories of your mom to mind. yes we do miss departed ones everyday and good memories help us to feel connected to them.
    love from Gma Jan

  3. Your Mom got the hairbrush thing from me and I got it from Grandpa Georgie. See a family tradition. Heehee. We all have wonderful memories of her and miss her. I think she misses us too. It certainly helps to know Families are Forever doesn't it? Thanks for sharing your memories. I love you. Grandma.