Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Christmas. Especially since I started college because it means the semester is over.
But mostly...
I love the presents and the lights and family and the food and the decorations. I just love it all. I love how every family has different traditions. Some families have big extended family gatherings, like Jake's family. Or just the parents and kids like my family. I think it is just a fantastic holiday. Share it with friends, family, whoever! I really like how during all of December we get to sing Christmas hymns at church. (that might be my favorite part)

But I really, absolutely most of all, love nativities. Growing up we always had a ton of nativity sets because that is one of the many things my mom collected. I love the white ones, the colored ones, the ones made of fabric for little kids, the ones made of glass, the ones in cups, the huge sets. Honestly they are just fabulous. And I think it is so great to get to go to a live Nativity scene and share your beliefs with people of all faiths. People always complain about how commercialized Christmas is. I might be a bad person but I like it! Because, if it wasn't, that half hour or so spent with your family at a Nativity wouldn't be so special. I don't care what anyone says, I think Christmas is still and always will be about what Christmas should be about.

Merry Christmas!

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