Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Blessing

On Sunday, the 9th, we blessed the Mikey Boy! It was such a great day for us. It was so fun to see him all dressed up in the little white tux that my mom bought years ago and it was great for us to see so many of our friends in one place. Jake did a wonderful job with the blessing, I am still so proud of him and even though he said he was nervous, I personally don't think anyone could tell.
Luckily, Mikey slept through the whole blessing and woke up right after they got back to our seats- excellent. That little boy is just amazing.

The Happy Family!

Here is the best picture of Mikey from the front. I didn't get the pictures I really wanted because there were too many cooks in kitchen so to speak. But you can see the cumberbun and little bowtie. It has the cutest little buttons and lapels. I just love this tux!
Oh! And potentially the best part of the tux- the tails. Seriously, adorable. And I love it. And him. And Jake. And I love that we are a little family! I am so grateful for both of them everyday.

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