Sunday, October 9, 2011

Its an Update!

Here is an update!
He got a new job! He starts tomorrow. I think its going to be way better, mostly because it isn't set hours so that will be easier to work around. The only downfall is what if he gets too busy to work... you know? He is doing school still- graduating in April which is very exciting because that means he will get, at the very least, a full time job so maybe we could afford to move...? Keep your fingers crossed. Jake is pretty great dad and is beyond willing to do anything that means he can spend time with Mikey boy.
I am not up to a lot. I started to work for Primerica which is cool. I am not sure that I am the right personality type for it but we'll see what happens. My wonderful friend Bri might have gotten me a job that I can do from home which would be all kinds of exciting. I am very excited about the fall- its my favorite season :D Also, we got cable so I get to watch the BYU football games. I am very excited, unfortunately this season hasn't been the greatest but I still love to watch. I am constantly online looking for a new apartment but I haven't been able to find any that I think will actually work- plus Jake doesn't want to move. I also stay at home with the Mikey all the time- its so fun and I just love that little kid.
He just had a visit from my dad and step mom and brother. He loves his Uncle James which was fun to see. Today he got blessed (pictures are coming) which was so great. Jake did a great job and Mikey was just a doll in his blessing tux. He has his parents wrapped around his little finger and I am pretty sure he already knows it. He has started to smile which just shows how mischievous he will turn out to be- for example, he'll pee in the tub and then give a big toothless grin and start to laugh. Tsk tsk. He gets his first round of immunizations on friday so wish me luck- I hear its more traumatic for the parents than the baby.

Well, all in all, we are pretty great. Jake is doing school and working hard to provide for us. I am staying at home with Mikey mostly, working parttime for Primerica and just learning how to be a house wife/mom, and Mikey is just ruling the house in every single way. Its a good life. We are pretty happy.

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