Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas! Snow! Winter!

I am not a huge holiday person. Never have been. I like to spend time with family and eat good food but more than that, not so much. I am not big into decorating (but this year I have been totally into it) and honestly, Christmas to me has always been the least exciting of the holidays. I don't like presents because I am not huge into surprises, and I don't like to give presents because it is hard for me to pick something meaningful.
This year though I am SO excited! I cannot wait for Christmas. We are staying home this year and get to have a fun little Christmas celebration with the 4 of us- because yes, there will be 4 of us. Crazy.

While we were growing up, we had these beautiful red stockings that my aunt made for us. I loved them and there is something about them that just screamed Christmas to me (and I did like stockings, as well as nativities, watching The Other Wise Man, reading the Christmas story from the Bible and singing Christmas music the whole month of December in church) But when my dad got remarried, Michele had these other stockings, also beautiful, that were all part of a set that had the Night Before Christmas on them- each stocking had a phrase and a picture and Michele made new stockings for the Merrill's so that we could all match. She started to make her own patterns that weren't from the poem and that is what mine is.

Here are mine and Jake's- Michele made him one when we got married. Jake's says the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow and mine, not part of the poem, says believe.

 When Dad and Michele came to visit after Mikey was born Michele brought a ton of sewing stuff and we made Mikey a stocking- not going to lie, I was not excited about doing this, I just wanted to hang out and look at my beautiful new baby but I wanted to be nice so I made the stocking. And I am so glad that we made them- I love them and they are actually pretty fun and easy to make (but I suck at binding so that is less easy and fun for me) We finished Mikey's fast enough that we started on one for baby #2- not at all expecting that we would need another one so soon.  I didn't love the ones from the poem so we made up two new patterns. Mikey's says there must have been some magic and Adam's (yes its official, Jake has committed to the name) says sometimes seeing is believing from The Polar Express.
I am so excited that I finished Adam's stocking before we decorated for Christmas because even though he won't do candy or anything, how sad would've it been for him to not have a stocking?!

My next project to do are the Baby's First Christmas ornaments- I didn't do Mikey's because last year we spent Christmas in Hawaii and I didn't have time to finish it and I didn't want to take it to my in laws and then forget it there.
But here is a picture of what I am going to do
I want to make these for first christmas ornaments
only Mikey's will have an M on it with 2011 and Adam's will have an A with 2012. Fun right? I think they will be cute- and if they aren't, then none of you will ever see them!

PS- it snowed today. I LOVE snow. Happy Winter everybody!

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