Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Tonight for FHE I had a coming of age moment. Like most of the LDS world (I assume), we carved pumpkins but mine was for the first time. Now I have attended ward activities where pumpkins were carved, and it's even possible that some carving happened at home while I was growing up but I can assure you that I never carved one (I am more of a spectator kind of person)
It turns out that the Logan clan are big into the carving tradition and so Jake planned FHE and hence, pumpkins.
We went to the store and picked out our pumpkins- I changed my mind a few times- Mikey got a little baby pumpkin that he seemed pretty attached to. We decided that a standard jack-o-lantern was a good idea for him so I drew it, Jake carved it, and Mikey tried to eat it.

Mikey licking his fingers after repeatedly dipping them in the pumpkin guts

He got a little more intense about the eating and stole the spoon we used to clean it out.
Isn't he just so cute?

Here are the finished products- sorry the picture is junky. Mikey's is the little one, Jake carved our family, even down to little baby #2 but you can't really tell at all and mine says the Logan's with a witch hat- not the most creative carving but come on now, it was my first time
Here they are unlit- not a bad group I'd say.
This Halloween has been the first one I have really embraced in years and I am so happy that we carved pumpkins! What a fun family tradition to have. Granted, unless Jake is opposed, I will probably retire my knife and go back to being a spectator with my camera instead- but still, it was one more thing to cross off my bucket list. ;)

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