Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Bad Day Turned Around

Today started out not great. I had terrible nightmares last night, the boys were crabby and I had to drive down to Orem which is not that big of a deal except that I got lost about 5 times this morning, driving around Orem. American Fork, Saratoga Springs, and Eagle Mountain. Awesome. But then. on the way home from picking up Jake, we decided to stop at Smiths and chicken was on sale for 69 cents a pound! Not going to lie, chicken sales put me a good mood for a few days. Then we got home and someone cut our grass! So nice of them. We really needed to but we don't have a lawn mower and Jake was going to try to borrow one this week but someone beat us to it! We are so grateful to whoever did this for us. I hope we find out who so we can somehow return the favor.

Since the day turned around, I decided to blog. When I'm crabby and I blog, I don't normally publish them- my mood is too strong in the writing. There aren't pictures of the house yet but when stuff is put together a little more I will post about that too I am sure.

So we moved to Eagle Mountain September 12th and we are so glad. We love it! Our house is nice and big, we have a great yard. The two best things about our house- the dishwasher and the toyroom. Yeah, you read it right. We have a room in our house dedicated just to the boys toys. They don't take toys downstairs (we have 4 downstairs toys) and it's so great to not have to chase those silly little toys all over the house. Plus our ward is so excellent. The first Sunday we went we met so many people and they are so friendly. Jake really likes the Elder's Quorum president and the Relief Society president made me feel so welcome and I am so grateful that we decided to go to this ward instead of our other options. 
I included a few random pictures documenting what we have been doing since we moved- which is mostly nothing- except I have unpacked a ton.

watching Ratatouille. I had never seen it before but it was on ABC Family so I recorded it for Mikey and now he won't stop watching it. And it turns out, I don't think it holds up. But Mikey, Jake, and Adam like it so I am outnumbered.

My little ham.

Adam is always eating. Seriously. He eats everything. And now he was 2 teeth and has 3 coming in. Poor guy is a terrible teether.

Adam at his cousins 1st birthday party- which was so fun. Way to go Abby. I think that you might have not made enough food though haha.

Mikey was throwing a fit- one of those charming terrible two ones they talk about so I asked him to help me make brownies. He was so  good- he held the cup measures and stirred it for me. What a good help. (I promise he had fun, he is just very serious about his jobs)

Isn't he just adorable? And huge? He is like 24 lbs. Way to go buddy.

A picture showing us at our finest. Can you see my baby belly? I am 23 weeks along... I think. Turns out when you have been pregnant 3 times in three years you lose track of weeks.
Here are two pictures of my latest project. It is a little pillow seat for the boys. I am going to make another one, I just ran out of time during naps today. It has a little handle and Mikey has already taken to dragging it around the playroom.

I am proud of it. Yay for PInterest. And thanks to Aunt Cheri for pinning all those sewing projects- that's how I find just about all of them.

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