Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fall Fall!

I love fall!! It is just the greatest season there is, in my opinion. The sweaters, scarves, toques (or beanies for those silly Americans that don't know there is a much cooler term ;), hot chocolate, Thanksgiving- Canadian and American!, Halloween, my birthday, school starting- back when I was a student and still liked school, warm enough that you can go outside but not so hot you get worried about melting, changing colors that make for such beautiful pictures, *sigh* I love it all. I am even willing to put up with the sniffles that I am sure my kids will get every year at this time because I love the rest so much. Don't get me wrong, all seasons are beautiful in their own special way but man oh man do I ever love this one.
Last year I got so excited for fall and I told Jake all these fun things that I wanted to do but we didn't do any. Wanna know why? Because Mikey was barely one, I was pregnant and not doing so hot and we were both still in school. Now I know that there are people out there that can do 70 million things at once and love it but Jake and I, not so much. We are more the let's enjoy the chill and we'll get around to the other fun stuff later. Later in this case being 2013. 
We haven't done a ton of stuff but we did go to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point because it is across the street from Jake's office. Jake was sick and the boys were just getting over their colds and I was having some serious prego pains but I demanded. I know, maybe not the most responsible but in years to come, we won't remember the pain and the sick, just the memories.
We got our friends to come with us and it was so great. Here, I'll let the pictures tell the story!

(but before that, a big part of wanting to go was that I had a coupon. Would hate to see that go to waste)
Mikey and his little friend Elsie sitting on the giant rocking chair at Cornbellys. They are a crazy pair and it's pretty amazing that we got this picture of them at all.

Mikey staring off at the tractors. That boy loves big trucks and tractors. I guess that he got some Merrill blood in him after all. He also loves Batman. Like doesn't want to wear anything besides one of his Batman outfits everyday. Awesome. (My favorite it when he tells me about how Pop-pop is Batman. My dad (aka Pop-pop) must be so thrilled but maybe a little sad that his secret is out?)

Mikey loved these. He wasn't tall enough so Jake had to hold him up but I think that it still counted.

I married a seriously cool man. Enough said.

The John Deere tractor. With, I kid you not, the brattiest kids ever in it. They were in there for like 15 minutes and there was a line of all these little kids wanting to play but these little punks wouldn't let anyone in. Like hitting and screaming not letting anyone in. I was unimpressed. But don't worry, Mikey eventually got a turn when Jake took him up instead. He can pretty intimidating to a 5 year old I imagine.

Mikey in the wheel. Awesome.

They had all these little wooden trains and trucks that were also playground situations. Mikey and Elsie loved it.

Adam was such a little champ. He just sat in his stroller most of the time and clapped and pointed, yelling out dada or mama when something was very exciting.

Family picture! Mikey wanted to play and was pretty upset that we made him take a picture. Adam was staring at some guy with food. That guy.

Adam was good to stay in the stroller but once we let him out he was crawling over to anything he thought might be food. We feed this kid but geez, he's a bottomless pit I think

Our friends! Elsie, Ryan, and Haley. Thanks for coming team!

Adam in the corn maze. Our stroller is not really made for the off-roading we did at times but Adam handled it like a champ.

Mikey and Elsie led us through the maze. Turns out the 5 minute kiddie maze we went through has a hole in it that connects to the big maze. Yeah, we went through there and all of a sudden it was much more complicated and longer than 5 minutes. But a nice employee helped us find our way back out.

They had this cool cow train ride thing and Jake, being the champ dad he is, squeezed into one of the carts and rode it with the babies.
 It was such a fun night, topped off with some jumping at a little jumpyard at the Cornbellys for the kids and JCW for dinner.

I hope that we get to do something else fun soon but who knows. I do have a list though, number 1 being the Norman Rockwell Scouting exhibit at the Church History Museum. I think it'll be awesome.

Well for those of you who care, the next post will be about my new house, with pictures included. And if you're really lucky, it'll be before the end of November haha.

This picture is not related to the post at all but seriously how cute is this kid? We had lasagna for dinner on Friday during the football game and this is Adam after I had already used 3 baby wipes to do a "pre-clean" before his bath. Hilarious.

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