Tuesday, December 17, 2013

34 Weeks

Yesterday I was 34 weeks pregnant. 6 more weeks until my baby should be kicked out of its current abode and join the land of the Logans. She will have two exhausting older brothers that will love her, if their love for random babies in the grocery store is any indication. She will have two exhausted parents that will love her. She will have bundles of aunts and uncles and cousins. She will have some pretty awesome grandparents that unfortunately won't get to see her terribly often but we work pretty hard to make sure the kids know them regardless.  I am so excited.
Except... I don't have the energy to be excited. I remember being 16 or so and having my random bursts of excitement (if you knew me back then, you would know that they were truly random and few and far between- I was just not that kind of person) and I don't remember it being so exhausting. I have a limited amount of energy and the nightly refill situation that I have had my whole life seems to be a little dysfunctional. (also, did you know you spell dysfunctional with a y? I had no idea- yay for college degrees- it's taking me places)
Today my to do list consists of a few things- deliver presents to my visiting teachees (please, like that is really going to happen); vacuum (but that entails carrying the vacuum down the stairs so that one could go either way); figure out dinner; and take a nap. Wish me luck. I feel good about the chances of dinner but the rest I am just not so sure.

But enough of that. How about an update on my boys?
Jake is great. He finally got a laptop from work which means... drum roll please... he can work from home! We have been having an issue with the fact that I want him to take a week off work when the baby is born but he doesn't want to take that much off because he wants to be able to go on vacation next year- like potentially Hawaii to see his family or to my brothers medical school graduation or even just to Logan for my sister's grad school graduation or Calgary for the Stampede. We are big dreamers. Maybe if we are real lucky, we can do it all. But now he can just take a day or two off if he wants to and then work from home the rest of the time! Fantastic! I am so happy.  Jake is also currently trying to nurture some handy man habits. We are buying tools and just giving things a shot. For example, we are building a toy kitchen for the boys for Christmas. (we are going to say it's from Santa in case it sucks. haha) When my brother was here a few weeks ago, they built some shelves. It's exciting. It was a hard thing for me to marry a guy that didn't do all those Mr Fix-it things that seem to be so par for the course in my family.

Mikey. Well Mikey still doesn't really talk but he is getting so much better. He has expanded his vocabulary to include important words such as Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman, Avengers (kind of), Hulk, Thor, Thor's hammer, Wolverine, Arrow... are we seeing a theme? We love the superheroes over here. Mikey can spot the batman sign from a mile away. Today he found a little piece of a wrapper from some Iron Man fruit snacks- it was just red and he brings to me and is like Mama, look, Iron Man. Holy. How does he do that?  We are also in the delightful stage of not really needing a nap but not quite able to go without. It's a tricky situation but we are trying our best to figure it out. And he is a serious wrestler. Him and Adam wrestle daily, except the other day Adam pinched Mikey's belly button and then sat on him so I think Mikey is starting to rethink the whole practice.

Adam is still huge. Such a chunk-a-lunk. He is almost 1! Just two more weeks. We are going to have our party for him and I am excited to try my hand at the decorating and all that jazz. Jake is being a great sport and pretends to be excited even though I know he doesn't care at all. I think he is upset that we can't do it outdoors. Adam is also walking now which is excellent. He isn't the greatest at it because he has a funky ankle but he sure is enjoying trying. He took his first steps last week Saturday. He still crawls most of the time but he can definitely walk. The best part is he can stand up all by himself. He doesn't need any support so that has definitely helped with the walking I think. He still eats it all and loves it and I find myself being constantly grateful that I don't have to fight my kids when it comes to meals.

Well that's that. Pray for me and my pregnancy. I am so close and yet, it feels so far away.

Thanks for reading. If you made it to the end. It's possible I am getting long winded. ;)

Pictures will happen next blog. I promise. My hard drive is upstairs so, you know, no pictures.