Sunday, December 29, 2013


Merry Christmas!
We have had a great Christmas over here at the Logan house. We have been so lucky to get to spend time with so much family. My sister Shelly, her friend Paulina, and Jake's little sister Eliza got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at our house.. well Shelly is here for longer but the other two were only here for two days. Sadly, we didn't get to do everything I wanted because I am a klutz and slipped on the ice in front of our house and hurt my knee pretty badly (still hurts so bad, getting it checked tomorrow. But really, what are they going to tell me? Oh it looks hurt but since you are 36 weeks pregnant we can't do anything for you. Awesome.)

For starters, on Monday the 23rd we all (being the Logans here in Utah) went to Gideon and Lina's house to have a Christmas dinner. It was quite the feast. We had sushi, salmon parmesan, chicken katsu, and shrimp katsu, chocolate haupia pie and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. It was delightful. Afterwards we did a little gift exchange amongst the cousins and man oh man, did the babies make out good. 
(Side note, my brother in law, Saili showed us the most hilarious video ever... I can't find the link though. But seriously, so funny. I'll put it on my facebook. Watch it, love it.)

Here are some picture from that night! (sorry to Saili and Eliza, you two didn't make the cut into the pictures.. although neither did I... next time?)

Mikey opened all the presents. I suppose he technically helped but mostly just did it all.

Lina in the official family photo bomber I think. It entertains me.

Malie opening her present from me and Jake. It was a seriously cute outfit if I do say so myself but I seem to have missed the big reveal. Oops.

Adam eating his present from Aunty Abby and Uncle Saili. Seems about right.

Baby Genie with her present from us. The onesie has a really cute little heart on it and such. She'll be adorable.

Malie with her present from Uncle Gid and Aunty Lina. They gave awesome gifts. If they keep this up, they'll probably be the favorites. At least at Christmas and birthdays.

Adam with his Christmas outfit from Jake and I... we got all the cousins coordinating outfits. It'll be awesome.

Genie with her dress from Abby

Mikey trying to open the present from Uncle Gid and Aunty Lina but darn that ribbon, it turned into a knot.

This picture does not adequately express how excited Mikey was about this gift. It is a batcave situation and Adam got little action figures to go in it too. Man, they love it.

Now here are some from Christmas morning! I totally spaced a picture of the stockings and the tree pre presents but that happens. Next year. Luckily this day comes every year.

Mikey and his stocking. Everyone had quite the stockings. Mikey got some batman socks which are pretty awesome, candy, a coloring book, an Avengers ball, and more candy. We went a little crazy.

Adam just didn't know how to handle his stocking. I think he was in awe of all his stuff. (he got the same stuff as Mikey except Mickey Mouse as opposed to Avengers)

This is the toy kitchen Jake and I built- but its actually from Santa! It's probably going to need another paint job some day but still, awesome right? We are planning on getting toy food and different toy dishes but they boys love it so much. Mikey did the whoa face. That's the goal.

The boys enjoying their Santa gift

Santa got the boys a toy wagon for them to ride around in and every time we had Mikey go pick a gift from under the tree he would run to this one and say "This one!" I think he was confused that we didn't let him open it until the end.

My boys in their matching pjs that I made for them

Family picture! I had matching pjs too but we had a miscommunication with the photographer so you don't get to see them. But they look the exact same, except mine are fill length pants unlike Jake's.
Well there ya go! That's the Logan Christmas. We all got spoiled and it was fantastic. I didn't get pictures of Shelly, Paulina, or Eliza but I ended up not taking as many as planned so I didn't miss out too much on the celebrating.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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