Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Day!

I LOVE EASTER! I love the spiritual and secular reasons behind it. I love the easter bunny and finding the eggs and having big baskets full of all kinds of good things. I love learning about the Atonement, the Crucifixion, and Him coming again. I love that Mikey got to color a picture of Christ and the tomb last Sunday. (Today was stake conference- plus we had two sickos so church didn't happen today unfortunately-- not related to Easter but 6 months ago we made a goal to not miss church unless completely necessary- so like if your two year old is randomly throwing up for no apparent reason-- and we have only missed twice! In six months! Yay us!)

So today we had Jake's family over for Easter dinner followed by an egg hunt and fight. (Don't worry- I'll explain) For dinner we had chicken, stuffing, potatoes, rice, corn, more corn, peas, and rolls. For dessert we had... cake of some kind which I didn't eat because I don't really love cake but it looked good and Arroz Con Leche which was delightful. It is so fun to get together with family and eat good food. 

So after dinner, Jake and Gideon went and put eggs in the backyard and we started the kids, youngest to oldest and it was so cute. Here are some pictures and by some I mean plenty.

Our backyard. Hopefully, it will soon be green but the point here is look at all those eggs. And those are only about half of what Lina put together for it haha

The kids getting ready to go!

Natalie started and she got one egg. Aunty Abby was nice enough to take care of her so I could take pictures, while Jake helped Adam.

Adam didn't fully understand the point but he got a few eggs. We should've started out by showing them that the eggs are full of candy but then I think there is a good chance that Adam would've tackled the other kids.

Malie shook all the eggs before she picked them up which was cute. I am not entirely sure what she was looking for but she did great. She must of understood that the eggs were special

Mikey was hilarious. Once he started he went over to the fence and just walked up and down picking up every egg, kind of like a lawn mower haha. He had a completely full bucket.

Genie showing off her basket. 

You can't quite see just how happy he was to have two eggs. Yes, he has one in each hand and right after this picture he put both his hands up and laughed. Adorable.

Natalie with her one egg. It's hard to see- apparently she is protective.

See! His basket is packed!

I love this little chunker.

I'm not sure what was going on here but I am glad it is documented forever.

During the egg hunt there were hard boiled eggs and plastic eggs with candy in them. I think the Logan's were more excited about the hard boiled ones because they are what you use for the egg fights. So here's the explanation. Each person gets an egg and they do a sort of tournament, one out situation. You rock, paper, scissors to see who holds and who hits. You hold the egg so the tip is showing and then you hit the tips and if your egg cracks, you are out. And then the last man standing wins. Our competitors were Saili, Lina, Mikey, Adam, Malie, Genie, and Natalie. Jake is quite proud that Mikey won. Way to go little man.
Abby explaining the rules- this is a serious thing for these guys.

Gideon was so enthusiastic about the whole experience that he made Genie cry a few times. Excellent.

The kids didn't care so much about the fight. Much more exciting to look out the window.

Malie decided that she need more pictures taken. So I have a bunch of her like this.

The final fight- Adam vs Mikey

Mikey the victor!

Mikey's "prize" was a Batman piggy bank- adorable. Thanks Uncle Gid and Aunty Lina.
Easter was great this year. We didn't do baskets this year but we still got plenty of candy and the memories are worth more anyways!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So, just to explain about Malie shaking the plastic eggs... We had an Easter egg hunt the day before and some of the eggs had dollar coins in them and there were so many eggs that while i was "helping" her hunt for eggs, I decided I would only pick up eggs with money so i walked around shaking the eggs to find out which ones to pick up... and when I turned around i realized that Malie was following me, ALSO shaking all the eggs before picking them up.