Wednesday, April 30, 2014

St George and a Garden and everything else in between!

Did you know I take a lot of pictures? All the time. Rarely does a day go by that I don't pull my camera out to capture some little moment and even then I feel like I am missing something by not having it constantly around my neck. Of course, since I typically have a baby around my neck, it would be tricky to have the camera too.

A quick little update before you look at picture! (or you skip the reading- your choice)

He started at a new job a few weeks ago and for the first week we got to go to St George. He worked and we mostly hung out in the hotel (well except one day we went and hung out with Aunt Jonna and her family :D ) but it was still really nice to have a slight change. But so far so good. He likes the work even though it is just him for right now. I guess I could tell you what he does huh? It is called AndSeven. It is a brand new start up company that hasn't even launched yet. He is finishing it all up in time for it to launch by the end of June I think. But it is an educational website that offers online classes about cooking or photography or arts and crafts or whatever else they get people to teach! Haha, I am sure it is much more planned than I know.

Still nursing. Turns out I suck at producing milk. Hmm. Strange. But I'm taking all these supplements and pumping a ton and I have definitely noticed an increase so that is really exciting. Except one of the supplements, Brewers Yeast, is so nasty. I wanted to get the pills but they were out so I bought the powder and have been dissolving it in juice and oh geez, it tastes like barf. But if it'll help me reach my goal of at least 6 months of nursing, then I'll deal with it.

He is potty training. We got this chart from Victoria Chart Company called the Ultimate Potty Training Chart and he loves it (but I'll devote an entire blog post to that later- look forward to it) Mikey is doing really well though. Yesterday he had three accidents in the first 2 hours but then was good for the rest of the day! Yay for Mikey.

He has finally got some of those pesky molars to break through so his nights have been way better. I think he is in the process of getting 5 new teeth right now. When he got the 8 he has they all more or less came in at the same time. I'm not sure why this kid can't take turns but whatever. This is probably better in the long run.

She is figuring out life finally. Three months old! Still just little. Well actually she is pretty long but only 10.5 lbs. THis morning she took her first bath that she didn't scream bloody murder the whole time. I call that progress. And two nights ago she did 7 hours of sleep! Wahoo (You know what is awesome about formula? No getting engorged. Dang, that's uncomfortable) And then last night she did 6 hours. We are getting it, team!

Now some pictures! There are no rhyme or reason so the ones I picked other than I liked them

Okay this picture is so funny. It is especially funny from the front but I didn't think that would be appropriate to put on a blog. But I don't even know how he managed to get his diaper like this. Silly Adam.

Natalie! Isn't she beautiful? You can kind of see her pierced ears in this one. I love them.

I was cleaning the bathroom and Mikey wanted to help. So he washed the shower and honestly, he probably did a better job than I would've.

I cannot even begin to express how bummed I am that this picture is blurry. I love it so much.

This one is pretty good too though.

I know, I know. I have adorable children. ;) (also, a better example of the pierced ears I was talking about earlier)

Sometimes when my mom takes my oreo away, the world ends and I just have to throw myself on the ground and scream so everyone else is aware of the situation.

Adam always covers her with a blanket which is so funny because he has always hated them.

What we did while we were in St George

We went to the Brigham Young Winter house and a nice woman offered to take our picture. We don't have very many with all 5 of us. Also, can I just say that I think Jake is so handsome? I mean seriously.

What flower is this? Anyone? (serious question, I really want to know)

He has a bit of an attitude. I wonder where he got that from. :D

So we decided last minute on our way out of town that we were going to the BY house. Hence, the pjs. Plus, we are pj people.

I'm not sure what exactly is going on here.

This is my whole life. Everything about this picture is so real. The face. The big baby climbing on me. Me holding the little baby. This is truth people.

Checking out the orchard at the BY house. Mikey was sneaking up on something- cute.

They got cozy coupes and we had a drive in movie. It was obviously very lost on Adam, but make no mistake, he LOVED the popcorn.

Adam wanted underwear like Mikey so he is rocking the Flash over his diaper.

This is what happens when I saw Mikey look at me and smile. I think he is sick of the camera. But let's all take a moment to respect the hair.

I feel like such a daredevil taking picture of Natalie while she sleeps. haha
Our garden starters! We are so proud. We didn't think the peppers would sprout but they did! Here we have our red sweet peppers.

These are our tomatoes. Wish us luck, we've never really gardened before. Which is not really true because we had gardens growing up but still.

Okay these are our hot peppers that just sprouted TODAY! But you can't really see them. But they are there. Be proud of us.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Natalie is gorgeous! Good luck on the garden! I can't wait til we have some space to do one. And I can't see too well but I think those might be snap dragons (the flowers)