Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More than 1-in-1

Oh my word. Can you folks believe it? After having this blog for almost 4 years, I am finally hitting my 100th post. Excellent. Thanks to any of you that have read all 100... I'm fairly positive that my grandmas will fall into that category... as for anyone else, who knows! But shout out to my grandmas! My most loyal followers. :D
So I've been meaning to blog for a while now but I don't like to do multiple blog posts in one day. Why you ask? Who knows, so we get a more than 1-in-1  post today. First things first, a little update.

Natalie is just a little doll. And I do mean little. She is growing, just much slower than our boys did but honestly, it's so sweet. We love having such a cute little peanut. The big news with her is that she is cutting her first tooth (we think, either that or she is incredibly saliva-y) and she can sit by herself. Still a little shaky but she is doing very well.

Our chunky monkey. Oh man. He has a nasty black eye. This picture actually makes it look better than it really is. The bruise goes all the way up to his forehead. We aren't sure exactly what happened but I am pretty sure Mikey said that he hit him with Jake's belt. Awesome. So proud. Man. (fyi, that was sarcastic ;) 
He is also starting to talk a little bit and since Mikey was so delayed me and Jake are like Man he's amazing! But in reality, while amazing for so many reasons, probably fairly on course in this regard. 

My little bully. And poser. Man this morning he made me take like 50 pictures of him. Look at him, just working it for the camera. He is doing great. He is almost 3! What! I cannot believe it. It's weird but 3 years is a long time and sometimes I just can't believe he is almost 3 and then other times it just seems weird that he has only been in my life for 3 years. He is doing pretty good though. He has turned into quite the bully which is so frustrating because no matter what I do, he just turns around and does the same thing over again. But he talking well, and is doing great with the toilet training so we are happy.

Jake is doing great, still just chugging away at his job. He is such a good guy. He gets up and leaves by 7 in the morning, gets home around 5 or 6 and then plays with the kids or makes dinner, depending on my mood/energy level and then puts the kids to bed, helps me clean the kitchen (also depending on my mood/energy level haha) and then hangs out with me until I fall asleep around 11 and then he finally gets to do what he wants. Amazing. I am much more selfish than that I think

And me. I am doing good. Not much to report honestly. I take care of my kids, make pancakes about 5 days a week, do lots of laundry. Oh man, speaking of laundry. my whole life I have heard women talk about how they just do laundry all day every day and I never believed that they weren't exaggerating but oh man. It's possible I have never been more wrong about something in my entire life. Just for the record. When I was little, one time I was watching this tv show and a girl said that she threw her clothes out at the end of the day so that she never wore the same thing twice. My goal- to be rich enough to do that haha. No more laundry!

Okay, what else to talk about.
I barely took any pictures while we were there. We were all busy the whole time so pictures took a back seat. I am so sad but sometimes it happens. We went for Liz's wedding which was beautiful and I totally flaked on all pictures. My kids were all decked out in their adorable outfits and instead of taking a picture, I spent the whole time trying to get Mikey to not pull up his ie and Adam to stop crying for a sucker, thanks to Alisi for that one haha. But it was still wonderful.
For the wedding, Jake's dad's friend gave them a massive sow and this is Mikey and Adam sitting on it's head. It was gross but kind of awesome.

They made emu for the wedding and I do not like smoked meat but man oh man, this was delicious. I didn't get to eat much because of the before mentioned crazy kids but I did like it. And I have never seen them take one out before so this was really cool for me. 

I just love this guy. :D
 Then the next week, we went to ward camp. It was pretty fun. It was different from last year because the family was so busy this year but still enjoyable. Everyone was there which is pretty incredible and honestly, here are the three pictures I took that week. What the heck man.
Also, note the shirts. Hannah made all the littles cute tie dye shirts. Mikey's says Bite Me on it I think it's hilarious. Potentially my favorite part of camp was explaining to some people in the ward what bite me means. That is not an easy task.

Next! 4th of July!
We of course went to the block party in Provo on the 3rd which was delightful. It was fun to see everyone and so crazy to realize that we have been in EM for almost a year. Crazy. Then on the 4th we went to a ward breakfast and that night we had a little block party of our own out here and it was so fun. James and Arianne came down for the evening and it was great to see them and their cutey little buddy.  We all just sat around and ate and then we shot off some fireworks. Yay for the Hibberts and the Harveys for bringing some. (And by some, I mean lots) We brought some little ones but nothing like what they had.

This what holidays are all about. Sitting around and eating too much haha

Mikey kept turning my head towards the camera. Like literally grabbing it and forcing me to look at the camera. Also, shout out to James for the photo bomb.

For the record, Mikey loves fireworks. Like cries when they are finished, stop and watch and clap while they are going on and talk about them for days kind of love. It's in their blood. Adam also stops and watches. At  one point, I saw him put down food- big deal. And Natalie. Yeah you'd think that she'd cry because of the loud sounds but nope, just stares at them. It makes their dad so proud.

And last, just some pictures of yesterday because Shelly bought a pool and we played in it yesterday. It was so cute and fun. She bought the boys goggles which was adorable. Check it out. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Kings read your blog religiously! Love that your family is doing good!!