Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Year in Review!

I like to celebrate things. Anything honestly. I make my family wear BYU clothes every week for the football game. I acknowledge month-days. It's fun. I like to make a big breakfast every holiday, no matter how small. The most recent celebration we had was September 13- Our Moving Anniversary!
That's right folks. We've lived in EM for a whole year.
You know what the best part of celebrating is? Looking back and seeing how far we have come.
So with out any more delay! Our last year in review!

We moved! Yay!
We got a new car.
Adam started walking.
Jake got a raise.
Mikey started to use sentences.
We got to host our first Thanksgiving with my brother and his family.
We did our first Christmas in our house.
Adam turned one.
We had our baby girl.
Jake lost his job. Bummer.
Jake got a job 2 weeks later.
We went to St George for a week. (it was for Jake's work but it was probably our first actual vacation that we did just for us, well minus the honeymoon. That was exciting)
We planted our first garden.
We went to a family reunion which was awesome. And then a few weeks later, we went to Hawaii to spend time with the Logans. Also awesome.
I finished completely decorating one room. And had started on a bunch of others.
Mikey turned 3.
Mikey started preschool.
Natalie started crawling.
We ate pizza on the floor on September 13 2014.

We had a good year. Not the biggest changes but a lot of firsts and a lot of others that weren't firsts but still crazy exciting.

We love it out here so much. We love our house, and neighbors, and friends, and ward. We don't love the flies but every bright sky has a cloud right?

We've been truly blessed this past year and can't wait to see what the future brings us.

Thanks for reading!

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