Friday, September 5, 2014

The Moroccan Faux Wall Paper.

I did it. I finished it. I started to redo Natalie's room in March? Maybe April, but either way it took forever. I was well on my way but then we went to GA and then we had visitors that were staying in the guest room which is also Natalie's room. So, after my sister left for AZ and before Jake's sister got here from HI I finished it. The wall took forever. Seriously. But be excited about the pictures I have.

Her room is one of the favorites in the house. I think it's because for such a long time the boys weren't allowed in and now it's probably the nicest room in our house haha. So when I went in there with a camera Mikey got very excited. (his new favorite word in cheese so pictures are big deals.)

Here is a shelf that I had in the living room downstairs but I moved the room around and then the TV was in the way of it so I painted it brown and put it up in Alie's room. The picture of the beach is Hukilau which is the beach that Jake swam her piko out (her umbilical cord.. it's a tradition) Also, I have a bag of sand from the beach to put in that little empty jar but every time I think about doing it Natalie is sleeping and the jar is in there. Like right now, at this moment, I should fill the jar but what do you know!? Alie is asleep.

This is a little table I got at Target like a year ago for, wait for it... $5! I got two so that we could use them as side tables in our room but Jake kept moving them to use as footstools and such. It drove me nuts so I moved them into the guest room because at least then, I wouldn't be constantly reminded of the fact that Jake was misusing them. Haha. Don't worry, I'm over it now. Well Adam climbed on one and broke it and the other one I painted and now, voila! It's a side table. It has finally fulfilled its purpose. Eventually I'll get something to put on it, like a clock but all in good time.

And here it is. The main event. The Wall. Yes, it needs to be capitalized because it is that important. This took forever. First, I printed out a design from a website and then, once I cut it wrong, I came up with my very own design haha. It was supposed to be more symmetrical but truly, I think this looks much better. All of the websites that I saw had a neutral wall with a slightly darker pattern stenciled on top. Well, I wanted the wall purple and I already had the white paint so I threw caution into the wind and went for it and I am glad I did. So I had to trace each and every line on that wall and then I went over it with a paintbrush. It was rough. But I am so proud.
Also, I love the curtains I put up. I bought them right after Jake and I got married and then they didn't work in the space I wanted them for so I meant to return them, which I never did. And good thing! I went to Home Depot... or Lowes. Probably Lowes. And bought 6 hooks and then I crossed the curtains... I am not explaining this well but you can kind of tell in the picture. It's cute. That's all.

After Mikey was born, I decided that I always want to have a picture of Christ in each of my kids rooms. I went to Seagull Book and found this picture for $20! Way to go me! I love this picture! It's so cute and it looks great in the room. I seriously recommend Seagull Book for anyone who wants a picture of Christ. It came framed and everything, for $20. What could be better!

Here is Natalie's crib. And her name. The boys have their names over their beds so I did it with hers too. Her's is purple because that is the theme I went with. Purple, brown, white, with a little turquoise. The crib bedding is all hand sewn! Yay for me! 

Okay, look at the headboard. I love it. (is that getting repetitive yet? Because I love this room) It is just four 1x6 boards screwed into the wall, painted brown. And the frame above is one I got from Costco about 4 years ago which matches really well. 
And the pillows... the white-ish one I bought a year ago. Well I bought two and Mikey and Adam took a dry erase marker to one so the remaining one gets to go in here for the guests! Also, Jake picked out the purple pillow cases. Way to go Jake!

Finally, the last picture. This is my mom's old rocking chair. The chair isn't broken, the one piece on the back is just turned because that is a favorite pastime of the kiddos. It goes so well in there and makes the room a little sentimental for me.

I love this room. I am so proud of it. I'm not very good at decorating but I sure want to be. My dad told me once that I could be good at anything if I try. So here I am trying. Wish me luck. Hopefully next will be the kitchen. But not for a while because this month, I want to deep clean the house. Wish me luck on that... a lot of luck, I'll need it.

Thanks for reading!

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