Thursday, September 17, 2015

Number 3 -- Aubree

I'm not going to lie, I am struggling these days. I truly have never been so tired and I just cry all the time because I am too tired to fight it. So, in the hopes of helping me be more positive and happy I am going to blog about my friend, Aubree.
She is pretty great. (obviously, that's why I am blogging about her!)

I have three main reasons for being a fan of her.
#1. Basically since I've known her she has been sick. She had migraines with no relief for months (I can't remember how long but seriously, months team.) and she was still so happy. (it's possible she still has them and I just don't know because she is that good at hiding it.) I'm not good at that. I am not a fake it til I make it kind of person and I have no desire or drive to be openly happy when I am in fact, not happy. It's not my most charming characteristic but it's how it is. Now, when I have a headache, I can barely function and I have had a migraine once. It lasted for 3 days and I'm pretty sure that I made Jake stay home from work. So, serious props to Aubree. I think that's truly amazing how she was able to stay happy and function. Way to go, lots of respect over here.

#2. She is generous. For example, she brought a gift for Haylee (which is so cute, I love the clothes) and because she is so nice, she brought little gifts for my other three kids. Isn't that so nice? Natalie loves her little necklaces and the boys are constantly having monster truck battles. She definitely didn't have to bring anything and she brought lots. It was great. Plus, she stayed and chatted for a while which is nice. I like when people want to talk to me. (this is just one of many examples I have of her generosity. For reals, she's amazing like that.)

#3. Okay, this is probably my favorite thing about her. I can go for a good period of time without talking to her and then when we do talk, it feels like no time has passed. I think that being able to treat people like that is a gift and a sign of a true friend. It sounds kind of weird but I like it. I like that she can talk to me for however long and we have no awkward pauses or anything. It's really nice.

So those are my main three reasons for liking Aubree. I have more but sometimes short and sweet is better. Jake and I constantly talk about how much we like the Hibbert's and how glad we are that we met them. One more great reason to live in EM, or five rather because that's how many Hibbert's there are!

Thanks for reading!

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