Sunday, December 20, 2015

Number 5: A two for one!

This one I wrote because I am feeling grateful, not because I'm crabby and want an attitude adjustment. They might be more fun this way. :)

My number 5 favorite things about... post is actually about two different wonderful ladies.
So I suppose its 5 and 6, but whatever. We'll see if I care next time whether I label it 6 or 7.
1. I can call her when I need help. This past week she helped me out a few times- first when Adam broke a glow stick and thought it was a good idea to dump the liquid in his eyes. I called her and she was busy but she had her husband come and help me hold him down so I could look at his eye. (Jake was at work) I like that I feel like I can call her when I need her. It's nice. Plus, I like that she doesn't judge me for potentially freaking out more than necessary (but in this case, I was actually calm. There wasn't any blood so I was good. Turns out, I am not good with blood)
The second time she helped me out was my kids had a dance recital and I found out last Saturday that I had to do their makeup. I don't do makeup. I wore it on my wedding day and now I mostly just wear mascara and eyeliner if I happen to have time on Sunday morning. I like to put it on but I hate washing it off, and I don't feel like it makes me look any different so what's the point? Anyways, I sent Kindra a text asking if she could help with the makeup and she had me bring them over the morning of the recital and did it for me! And she was so good with them. I would've yelled 17 million times probably but Kindra was so patient. I appreciate it. Lots. Thank you.
2. She says hi to me all the time. Kindra is one of the most genuinely kind people I know. She says hi to everyone. I think that she can't help it. I like people but I am not good at saying hi just to say hi. I wish I was. It makes people feel good. So way to go Kindra. It's nice that you are nice. And she talks to me a lot. For a long time. Randomly. Even when we don't really have anything to say. I like that.
3. I don't think she has ever cancelled on me. Jake and I invite people over all the time. We like it. It's fun to spend time with people. And while I truly don't mind if people can't come or if I get cancelled on once in a while, I sure like when I don't get cancelled on. And Kindra comes over probably every time we have invited her (and her family. We never invite just part of a family. The more the merrier we say, except we don't actually say that, we just kinda live it)
4. She constantly compliments people.  This one really doesn't need any explanation. She just compliments people.
So she's great. If you don't know her, you probably should try to. It'll be worth the effort.

My next person is Tina!
1. I just love her. Is that a weird thing to say: one of my favorite things I like about you is that I like you? Haha, but it's true.
2. She was one of the best sunbeam teachers Mikey could've ever asked for. We have wonderful primary teachers in our ward and I am confident that no matter who Mikey's teacher was, it would've been great but I am so glad that Tina and Joe were his teachers. They have the wonderful ability of making all of those kids feel like the most special one in the room. Mikey can be quiet and can kind of fall to the back but they didn't let him. (and then he got comfortable and they probably wished he would be quieter haha, it's a vicious circle)
3. She offers to help me constantly and I truly believe she means it. Tina is busy. But she offers to help all the time and I truly believe that I could ask her anytime I need to. This past week she watched Haylee for us so we could go to a birthday dinner for a friend. It freaked me out. I hadn't left her yet and Tina was nice enough to watch her for us and take pictures to send me randomly throughout the night. It was so nice of her.
4. She takes Haylee every Sunday.  I am the primary pianist and Jake is in the Young Men's presidency so it's tough to juggle our kids with our callings. Every Sunday, Tina takes Haylee for the last two hours and it is so nice! She's feeds her, changes her, puts her to sleep, everything we need. It's truly a weight off our minds knowing that Tina will have Haylee during church. So thank you. A lot.

I really love our ward and our neighbors. I am so grateful that we moved into this ward and had the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people. I can only hope that we are blessings to people as often as they are to us.

Thanks for reading.

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