Tuesday, February 23, 2016

number 6: I just really admire you.

Well, I was cleaning the bathroom and I realized that I haven't done one of these blog posts in about 2 months. And that is just unacceptable! So as I sat on the floor, procrastinating the rest of the bathroom, I thought about who in particular I wanted to write about. And you know what? I came to the realization that I have so many wonderful people in my life, it's so difficult to pick just one. So once again, here I go with a two-for-one.
There are a lot of women that I really admire but here are a few words about two in particular.

Deon Carling.
For reals, do you guys know her? Is she amazing or is she amazing? Because I'm pretty sure the answer is c. all of the above. First of all she has three little boys. And while I don't know what it is like to have 3 kids in 20 ish months like she does, I do know a little something about having a lot of littles in as many years. And anyone who has twins, in my head, is eligible for sainthood. Okay, and then on top of that her husband is the bishop! I grumble all the time about Jake being in the Young Men's presidency- not the president, just the 1st counselor. Comparatively, I am sure that is nothing. Granted, Deon and I aren't the best of friends but I have never heard her complain about how much time her husband's calling takes up. That's amazing folks because you better believe I would be shouting it from the rooftops- that is if I could find the time to climb up to a roof.
Another thing I really like about her is she seems really sincere. Somehow, it never feels like when you are talking to her that she has a million other places to be or things to be doing, even though I am confident she does.
Also, when she gets exasperated with her kids, she doesn't take it out on other people. If I'm irritated with my kids and someone says hi to me, there is a  50/50 chance... well more like 75/25 chance, that I will growl and roll my eyes. I'm classy like that. Deon, on the other hand, is actually classy.
I admire her. Like one of my friends commented on another one of these posts, "I want to be like her when I grow up." Truth.

Loni Shaw.
Can I start both sections the same? Well let's try it. Is she amazing or is she amazing? Once again, c. all of the above.
Two things that I really love about her. One, if I am in a bad mood or even just in a bad moment and Loni notices (which is not out of the ordinary- she is so aware of people) she not only asks me about it but a few days later, she'll facebook me to check up on me. That's amazing. I tend to be a little more preoccupied with my own stuff to notice other people's moods and then if I do, after I talk with them, I'm a send-a-good-thought kind of person. I rarely go out of my way to check in later. Way to go Loni. You're awesome.
Okay the second thing- during church she'll help people with their kids. I am not sure anyone, even Jake, understands how amazing I think this is. Loni has kids, 4 in fact. And one of them is little, like 2 years old. And still she will hold other peoples babies. Plus she is RS president. That right there is a perfect excuse to not hold a baby and still, she will. I think that's incredible! Time like a million. I love babies. They are so cute. Their laughs could melt the polar ice caps. There smiles light up a room in a way that light bulbs and even the sun just can't. But for reals, I don't really want to hold other peoples babies. I will, I am totally on board with helping out. But I find myself about 5 minutes into holding someone else's kid and I can't help but think that I don't actually have to do this. Maybe I'm terrible but I love opportunities to have two free hands. They are few and far between and so when other people who are in that same boat hold my baby, like its time to petition for a national holiday on their behalf. (for example, this post was typed one handed for half the time and was interrupted many times by my other three littles.)
Plus, Loni gives hugs. I like hugs. :D

Hey you ladies are great. Thanks for being part of my life. I really appreciate you.
Thanks for reading!

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