Wednesday, December 1, 2010

at least there are only 7 more days...

Okay. I just need to throw this out there- this post is not full of complaints. It is rather amazement and wonder of how far out of the ordinary things are right now. Got it? Cool.

According to my college history the last two weeks after Thanksgiving are the two most focused weeks I have all semester. For the most part, I do a very good job at balancing out my time but this semester, hmm... not so much. I am not going to sugar coat this one. I HATED this semester. My personal life- great, my job- not terrible, Jake- wonderful, my apartment- one of my favorites. But school, classes- AWFUL! I don't know what happened, I dislike every one. The only class I enjoy somewhat is Art History (which is good, considering its my major). My professor is super funny, the tests are really challenging but I have never been so thrilled to do well before, the TA's are their own brand of scary but they seem okay. But man oh man, the people that make up that class- all the students- kill me. I only actually know one but I feel like they just want to walk over all the rules. There are 3 or 4 "mature" students if you will in my class and they complain more then rest put together. It is so weird.

Also, weird. I am not even stressed out about this semester. I am not going to do terribly well but I am also not going to fail, so I can't help but thinking what do these last two weeks matter anyways.

Oh geez- it is bad news bears. I don't know what has happened to me. I used to be so much more motivated. (Like at the beginning of the semester)

All I know is next semester will be better.
And I truly cannot wait.


  1. But the important part is....Did you guys have a great time with Mal and Val? I love you. Grandma.

  2. I love the 2 wedding dress pictures. Your mom would really like that.
    Isn't it good that you score 4 out of 5 positive in your life happenings. I know you will always rise to the challenge of completing a task you have umdertaken. hang in there,
    love from grandma Jan and grandpa Don