Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am on a mission!

Today, like most "fridays" when I have bio lab, I spend the majority of it texting Shelly about how stupid the class is and how ridiculous the TA is and how he thinks I am a total moron. (Because this one time I waited outside the classroom for a half an hour starting at 12:30 for class to start before realizing that class actually starts at 12. I had to explain this to my TA so I could hand in my homework) Well, today he signed JK and LOL, which I have a few issues with that I care not to discuss at this time and I immediately texted Shelly about it and she told me that he really was her dream man. Now I have a plan. :D Next friday will be the last time I ever see him because he is graduating at the end of the semester and that class will be over so I am going to leave a note on my final assignment, saying something to the effect of "My sisters name is Shelly Merrill, creep her on facebook, here is her number, ask her out." Oh man, I think I am so funny. I was discussing it all with my friend in the lab and we think its brilliant. I mean really, he can't think I'm more an idiot then he already does, might as well go out with a bang.

Oh and don't worry- I know this is stupid, they probably have just about nothing in common, (I don't even know him...) its just fun.

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