Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just an Update on our Life

So I read a couple of my friends blogs and every month or so they do a detailed update of everything and everyone in their family. This is brilliant! (At least I think so) So here is my first attempt at an update on our life.
Jake: Jake just finished spring classes and he is very excited to take a break from school. He did really well and I am very proud of him because it was really compacted but he managed to come out alive and well. He works at the Post Office still, but periodically applies for programming jobs but there hasn't been a ton of response- probably because there are a billion people that want those same jobs. He had an interview which ended up just being a learning experience but I am still grateful for the opportunity and the guy seemed really nice and gave Jake some pointers which is great. He plays his video games- World of Warcraft (with my brothers) and Eve but he still manages to get everything he needs to done and spend lots of time with me so I think its a pretty sweet deal.
Meredith: I am still pregnant- almost 32 weeks. Pretty exciting. Sadly, the pregnancy is getting harder and harder and has forced me to stop working and going to school until next January so I have a lot of open weeks ahead of me. But, don't worry- all the hard stuff is apparently just the normal course of pregnancy (which really, doesn't make me feel any better about the situation) I also just finished classes- it was just a silly waste but it made it possible for me to sign up for 2 independent study art history classes which will help me graduate a semester earlier than if I hadn't and I didn't have to pay for them which is awesome. I have completed one and am about half done the other but its modern art and no offense to anyone who thinks that sun rises and sets with Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Frank Lloyd Wright, but I just don't like it at all. The architecture is almost acceptable but the art pieces themselves definitely don't make me smile. I am still trying to do photography and have done a couple photoshoots and I learned to edit which is great, now I just need to try and get my name out there so I can bulk up my portfolio so I can apply for that online photography program I want.
Mikey: Mikey is our soonish to be born baby! Full name Michael Ma`iola Logan after my dad (Michael obviously- I'm the white half of this relationship) and Ma`iola is Jake and Jake's dad's hawaiian name so he is going to start life with a good strong name but we are going to call him Mikey because I think its cute and Jake doesn't seem to care. We just went to the doctors yesterday and they listened to his heart and its good and strong and he is measuring in at just about average. Our doctor (Dr. Somers- she's great, I'm a big fan) says that the baby is good and healthy and growing just as wanted. He is extremely wiggly- normally only giving me about 5 minutes in between quite impressive kicks (in my opinion) and about a two hour break in the morning when I can only assume he is sleeping. Also, what I think is the most exciting, is that he has started to respond to Jake's voice so when Jake talks, he moves. I think its pretty amazing.

So overall, we are doing great. Hope you enjoyed this update and that it wasn't too detailed to or ton boring- its a fine line I think.


  1. Not too detailed and not a bit boring. It is so fun to read about you and Jake and Mikey. I check everyday and get excited when a new blog is there. We love you very much. Hugs.

  2. so cute that he responds to Jake's voice. But I can't tell Harris or he'll want a baby even more. :)