Monday, August 8, 2011

My Pregnancy Projects! (sorry- its a long one)

About 8 weeks ago, my doctor recommended that I quit my job, stop going to school and just "take it easy", all the while remembering that there will be time for all that later and right now I should just be taking care of myself and the baby. I am not going to lie- I was excited. Ever since my dad felt I was old enough to have a job (which in fact, did not correspond with when I felt I should have one, or when I actually got one) I have been anxiously awaiting the day that I could not work and have it be acceptable. Well let me tell you, it really isn't that great. I have been SO bored. After about a week of doing nothing, Jake and I decided that I needed a list of things to do- my pregnancy projects! And guess what! I am 8 days off from my due date and I have officially completed them all- including one that I wasn't anticipating completing before our baby was born.
- First on the list was a baby afghan! I have wanted to make one of these ever since my niece Faith was born. I think they are so cute but they are way more expensive than the regular baby cross stitches I make. So when I got pregnant I told Jake that this was what I was going to do. We went to Michael's (probably my favorite store) and tried to find a pattern for one that we both liked, which did not happen. So we designed one! And here it is!

Mickey is one of my favorites- I think he turned out really cute.


Aladdin... I think he is my least favorite but it turned out better than I thought he would

This I just finished today and I LOVE it. I like to mix the colors when I do words and I think that Jake wasn't thinking he would like it but he does- or at least he says he does which is just as good to me.

Simba! He is our favorite! We both love him and I think he is totally cute.

Tarzan... a little scary... but I had a hard time finding a picture of him to use.

Stitch- I personally don't like Stitch at all. I think the movie is stupid and I think he is weird but Jake loves it. You know, the whole Hawaiian pride thing I think plays a role in this one. But he is pretty cute here too.

- I completed two Independent Study Art History classes. And I did well. I am pleased. I don't think that I learned as much as I would have if I have taken the class on campus but that's okay. The classes were harder than I thought they would be but it was worth it because it should shorten my college career by a semester! Wahoo!

- a baby blanket. I am pretty excited about this one because I LOVE turtles, and puzzles so there ya go- a turtle puzzle!

- I organized the "nursery." We live in a one bedroom apartment but it is fairly good sized and there is a little nook I suppose you would call it in our bedroom that we set the cradle and changing table up in. And I like it. The changing table is really nice and we have some baskets that makes it really nice for storage and I only hope that it will live up to the dream that I have for it. (sorry, no picture)

- I really wanted to paint some pictures for our "nursery" and these are what I came up with. Jake and I love Disney, especially Mickey Mouse so this is fun. They aren't as good as I wish they were but I tried- and its not like I am an artist or anything.

- I got my drivers license! Jake and my dad are so proud- I don't really much care at all but I hear its gonna be seriously convenient once the baby comes. But it is nice to get to check it off my list of things.

- this I have wanted to do ever since Jake and I got married. I bought Jake the book I'll Love You Forever and so I adapted that a little bit and I got pictures of my parents, Jake's parents and us on our wedding day and I put them up with the quote. It turned out better than I hoped, and I love the pictures that we ended up with.

- I tried 4 new recipes which doesn't sound like a high number. But that was my goal- and I actually surpassed it. One night we had an Argentine night and I think Jake enjoyed it but who knows. We made empanadas, milanesa and something else that I can't recall. I made this real good cheesy chicken, curry, pancakes from scratch, cinnamon rolls, chicken and squash, banana bread, a steak marinade, a strawberry pretzel dessert (which really was not good at all)... and thats all I can remember.

- I learned how to index on familysearch and I completed 1000 names. Awesome.

- I read 6 new books

- I organized our living room- dusted the entertainment center, sorted the movie shelf, the book shelf, Jake's desk, made a couch cover, organized the games...

- I cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. Intensely.

- I cleaned out the pantry- it was gross. But now its way better.

And you know, that is probably the whole list. That probably isn't terrible impressive for 8 weeks, especially since a lot of them really only took a few hours but I feel very accomplished.

Now I just wonder what I am going to do until the baby comes... wish me luck.

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