Monday, August 29, 2011

Ode to Jake...

So you know how everyone always says that they have the best husband in the world? Well I believe that is totally possible- shouldn't everyone think that their husband is just the bee's knees? I know that I think Jake is pretty much the best thing in the world. And let me tell you why.
If you are reading this blog, you probably know me at least a little bit and so then you know that I tend to be a little hard to handle sometimes. :D Well Jake is just so patient with me all the time- its amazing. Here is an example- when we were dating and talking about marriage, I literally gave him a list of proposals that I would say no to on principal. (For example- no scavenger hunt, don't make me exercise first, don't put the ring in the food, not in front of family, blah blah blah) I mean I was only being half serious- I of course would've said yes but I would not have been pleased. Well it turns out later that I may or may not have listed how he wanted to propose. Oops. But he took it in stride and the proposal was fantastic.
Then we got married and he is just the most patient husband and he just does everything- it makes me feel like a junky wife sometimes but he is totally willing to make dinner, do the dishes, make the bed, etc. (The only thing he won't actually do is the laundry which is okay I suppose)
And when I was pregnant he totally took care of me all the time. He drove me everywhere, he let me sleep all the time, he was sincerely worried about me and did all he could to make sure I was comfortable, he was so sweet. It made a hard time way better.
Now we have a baby! And Jake is just a cute dad. Jake stays up half the night with Mikey so I can get some sleep, he holds him, cuddles him, changes his diaper probably as much if not more than I do, burps him, helps bathe him, and he just plays with him all the time. (Currently he is teaching Mikey how to stand and how to grip... he holds him under his arms and helps him hold up his head, which he actually does pretty well on his own, and then counts to three and stands him up for as long as Mikey will lock his knees. I think its real funny. And Jake is trying to get Mikey's left hand grip tighter than the right so he can be a lefty like Jake. Silly)

Cute right? I just love my boys.

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  1. I love this picture. it is so cute of both your boys!!