Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Bath. What a Joy.

We gave Mikey his first bath this morning. It was fairly traumatic for him. The poor little guy is too small for the tub we have (He is really so small- we took him to the doctors today for his 2 week check and he is in the 26 percentile for weight and the 51 percentile for length- 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long)
You can kinda tell if you look closely, behind my hand Mikey is seriously bugged with us. Just check out that look in his eyes

He kept slipping sideways and so Jake had to hold him while I bathed him... except for during the pictures obviously.

So I hear that when Jake was little he was a frog for Hallowe'en for a few years in a row or something, so his mom bought Mikey a frog robe! How cute right?
He was clearly still upset after the bath, it was probably a little chilly for him. I know I am normally pretty perturbed when I get out of a nice warm shower and then I freeze until I get dry and dressed. (This picture it probably my favorite of Mikey- I know his face is pretty covered but I think its seriously so cute, plus check out his fat cheeks)

So, we finish the bath, we lotion him up, put him in a onesie, gloves, and socks, swaddle him and Jake takes him over to the computer to hang out with him while I make some breakfast. It has been maybe 3 minutes when I walk over to see them and Mikey is making his "poo face"-Oh well, I hear thats just the way it is these days, at least it didn't get on either of us.

But seriously, how funny is this face?

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  1. seriously ADORABLE!!! I really need to come over. I think that I hate being busy and sick. He is the cutest!