Friday, July 20, 2012

An Update

Jake: working- lots. I think he likes it though- he has a friend that he seems to have a good time with and I know that he enjoys hanging out with people that are interested in the same nerdy tech stuff that he is. He is currently building me a website and since I have no idea how that works, what I want is pretty tricky stuff- but we are working it out. He is also being super dad because I am sick and tired and being pregnant is hard and guess what- Mikey loves it. Jake is so much fun with him. He has two games that they both seem to really enjoy- first there is Toss the Baby which is basically Jake dropping Mikey onto our bed and Mikey laughs hysterically and crawls back to Jake so they can do it all over again (not going to lie- I hate this one but they both seem to love it so much that I just deal with it, typically from the living room) The second game is Chase the Baby. Mikey crawls off and Jake chases him. But Mikey constantly stops and turns around to make sure that Jake is still following him, so if Jake hides around a corner Mikey will come back and Jake will jump out and scare him- boy oh boy does he love it.

Me: I am taking a class and I don't like it but its okay because I only have about 4 more after it. I am sick but it is exciting to feel the baby move and I cannot think of a better reason to be sick than for my baby. I am trying to get Jake to pick baby names with me but he doesn't want to- so far for a boy we are thinking maybe Adam (for my mom's maiden name) and for a girl either Isabelle (my Grandpa Merrill's grandma) or Emma or Jane (which, unless I am mistaken is just one generation above Isabelle-- I need to talk to Grandma Jan about this) and we don't know about boy hawaiian names because that is Jake's territory but for a girl, regardless of what Jake says, her hawaiian name will be Ku`uipo which is the equivalent to Jill in hawaiian (because they both mean sweetheart) And by "we are thinking" I mean Jake hasn't  completely shut them down but we do know that our kids are going to have family names- I think it is nice, something to live up to if you will.

Mikey: Oh he is crazy. Sleeps a lot, eats a LOT, plays a lot, makes a lot of noise and we love it. He is getting close to walking (according to Jake, I think he is a ways off still but I also thought that about crawling and Jake was right, so who knows) He loves his grapes and strawberries and! We have officially found the first food that Mikey does not like. I mean he will still take 4 or 5 bites before he stops opening his mouth but geez, is he unhappy about those bites- and the winner is raspberries! He hates it, its funny because he will still eat them. I don't think he knows how to say no to food.  (I am trying to feed them to him because I heard once that is takes like...uhm... more than one try (haha) before your dislike of food is solidified... I don't know, my aunt told me about it)

So all in all we are doing pretty good- we have a lot of good things going for us and we are walking for graduation in just three short weeks, the same day Mikey turns 1! We aren't actually finished school until december but still- graduation has gotta be cool right?

hmm, looking back this is kinda long... hope you made it through!

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