Thursday, July 26, 2012


You know what I think is tacky?
Taking something as incredibly tragic as the shooting in Aurora CO
and turning it into a huge political statement about racism in America
or the effect of violence in the media
or when they 'glamorize' it (for lack of a better word) by giving it a catchy title
like the Colorado Movie Massacre.
Whether that is the purpose of what they are doing or not,
it is what seems to happen.

You know, I hate racism as much as the next guy
I don't believe that the color of your skin
or home country defines the person that you are
but don't take a man that has a mental illness
and use him to tell the world that we are unfair and racist.

Remember how before they claimed mental illness
it was called domestic terrorism
and oh my goodness- he is white.


I get easily bugged. My bad. Please forgive me.

**Note: I am not saying that racism is not a problem in this country or in this world.
I am not saying that the media is evil and is ruining the world
But, it still bothers me. Think of the people that have been so profoundly
affected by this tradegy and imagine how sad they must be
that the world is turning it into something catchy and a huge statement.
Can't it just be sad? Can't people have a little time to mourn? At least a buffer period?

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