Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picture Update- Enjoy!

So I stalk peoples facebook and blogs and I realized that I am absolutely terrible at posting pictures. You know why? I hate putting stuff online- not because I am worried about a creeper finding a picture of Mikey and then finds him by way of shadow trigonometry and the location of stars but because it takes a long time and frankly, I have other and often better things to do. But! Then I realized. His poor grandparents! One set lives in Alberta and one in Hawaii and I know how much they must love this little stinker -and his parents too :] - and how they don't get to see him. And why not share this precious face with the rest of the world- it can only make it a better place.
Now get ready- I take lots of pictures. This is not even a drop in the bucket compared to how many I have on my photography harddrive.

Auntie Shelly's graduation! I picked this one because Mikey was just as crabby as Alicia but he is such a camera baby that I don't think he can not smile when a camera is pointed at him, kind of like not being able to say to food.

We took Mikey to the duck pond because the kid was scared of grass and we had to put a stop to that right away! And instead of feeding the ducks, he fed himself. (good news- no longer scared of grass, in fact, he now likes to eat it- surprise surprise)

For Father's Day I was trying to think of a nice gift that Jake could have that would be inexpensive and maybe a little sentimental- bear in mind, I am the sentimental one in this relationship so I knew it had to be pretty good for Jake to really want it. So! I found this cute poem online:
I love to wear my Daddy's shoes
Though my feet are small
When they are in my Daddy's shoes
I feel 10 feet tall
Someday I'll grow to fill them
I only hope to be
As fine as a man and great a dad
As my Daddy is to me
Cute right? Well I made the picture black and white and put the poem on it, framed it and voila! It is now hanging in a place of honor (over Jake's desk) and Jake says he loves it.  Below is the picture that I used- I took maybe 10 and this one worked the best.

Also for Father's Day I made them matching shirts! Really simple- Just Dad or Mikey on it and number 1 and 2. It is cute when they match- you can't tell here but I swear Mikey looks just like his dad
One day, when I was resting in my room (I get so tired, yay for being pregnant) I hear Jake say Baby come and look at your son. I walk out into the front room and almost fell over I was laughing so hard. Mikey found food coloring - which we didn't know we had - and ate it. It was all over- his leg, behind his ear, his feet, hands, face (this picture was taken after a few clean up attempts) Eventually after vinegar, baby wipes, soap, scrubbing, a bath, nail polish remover and oil he was just a faint tint. Aren't kids fun?

Baby Contest! He didn't win- I know, shocking right?- but it turns out that it was more a pagaent and less a cute baby contest and if you know us, (which I assume you do or why else would you be reading this- unless you are that before mention creeper- watch out, my husband is a big guy) you know that is not our cup of tea so to speak. But it was still fun.

Auntie Shelly showing that she is browner than her "brown" nephew. They are basically best friends.

Mikey did not love the princesses walking around the baby contest, but they loved him.

Caught red handed! Look at this cute face- how does one get mad at this face? (I mean, it has happened but seriously)
 For Jake's birthday, we asked his parents for a kiddie pool for Mikey to play and boy oh boy what a good idea that was. We have a little water baby if there ever was one. He loves to stand in the pool- I think because Jake does and he wants to be like Daddy- but he just splashes and talks and screams and its great!

He was yelling because Jake splashed him- what a bully. But don't worry- Mikey can hold his own

This is his "Mom,  I am playing, stop taking my picture" look.

Our wonderful upstairs neighbor's son just turned 2 and had cupcakes and because that little guy is such a sweet guy he wanted to give one to Mikey- and did he ever enjoy it!
Well I hope you enjoyed this Mikey blog! And I hope that you made it to the end!
We just love that little guy and cannot wait for there to be two little rascals making messes and getting into things here at our little apartment.


  1. shoot, I loved it and I have already seen most of those pictures. What a little sweetie.
    And it sure does look like he loves that Aunt of his. ;)

  2. I love your blog , pictures and script make our day