Monday, October 8, 2012

Great Weekend! I love October

What a fun weekend!
Malcolm, Val, Alicia, James, Arianne, and Shelly all came for the weekend and it was delightful.
On Friday night we (we being Malcolm, Val, Jake and I) went to the football game and it was beautiful- the weather was actually so nice and eventually even once it got colder I had hot cocoa so what could be better. Shelly watched Mikey and Alicia for us which was really nice of her. James and Arianne stopped on their way down from Rexburg to pick up Shelly and the traffic was so bad it took them like 4 hours or so to get to Provo from Logan- nuts! Jake was late for the game because he waited for Shelly to get there and we decided everyone didn't need to be late and then he had to park really far away. I thought I was going to die walking all the way to the car from the stadium and truth be told, I am still feeling it. (I hate being pregnant- in case I haven't made that clear. Being a mom- awesome but if there was any possible way for me and Jake to have our own kids without me being pregnant I would jump on that so fast. I understand adoption is an option but Jake doesn't want to do that so here I am, stuck being pregnant forever haha) 
On Saturday we watched Conference which was great. I really enjoy how they seem to talk about parenting and families so much. This conference especially I loved the talks about children. My favorite talk was Elder Oaks. I am sure that it won't necessarily make him that popular with everyone but I love him a little more for it.  Mikey and Alicia were so good during conference which was wonderful and they just love to play together. Seriously. When one goes down for a nap, the other one cries. If one cries for whatever reason, the other one tries to comfort them. It's so great to see and I hope that they will be able to be good friends forever and with Scarlett too. Jake and Malcolm went to the Priesthood session and Shelly and Val went shopping and I stayed home to watch the babies. It was great. It reaffirmed my desire to not have twins, especially ones that are 14 months old but it was great to play with them. It's nice to have the kids around without other people because then they like me! (I think I am probably the least favorite aunt but that's okay because Mikey likes me)
Sunday we watched Conference again and James and Ari came over for Canadian thanksgiving! Wahoo! I love Thanksgiving so much! Definitely my favorite holiday. Who doesn't love a holiday that is celebrated by just eating and focusing on the good parts of your life? After Conference Jake, Mikey and I went and met the newest addition to the Logan family. Jake's sister had a baby and she is just a doll. But sadly, I cannot say her name. Literally. I cannot pronounce it. I practice and Jake is like yeah that is good and I say Really? (All excited because I mastered it) and he says well no not really but it was close. Gah. Don't worry though. I'll get it eventually and if I don't, then I will just call her a nickname or something... or nothing at all. Haha. And to end the weekend, we went to Mal and Val's hotel and played games.

By now everyone is home safely and hopefully they all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. It was great to get to celebrate so many of my favorite things in one weekend and I cannot remember a more appropriate weekend for Thanksgiving.

(sadly, I barely took any pictures and the ones I did take were of Mikey and Alicia climbing in between our shelves which I would post but I cut Mikey's hair and it looks... not great so I am not emotionally prepared to show it off. Yay for being pregnant.)

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