Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I love Canada

Did you know that I love Canada? (just not always Canadians)

I think that it is just the greatest place ever (keep in mind my extremely limited and unexperienced world travels and views)- I really mean that I think Alberta is... haven't spent much time in any other province haha
It is a beautiful country.
Our national animal is a beaver- truly what is cooler than that? (I might concede that Afghanistans is the Kuta- those are pretty cool)
We have colored money.
We acknowledge the Queen- I think that is pretty awesome.
Two national languages- granted I don't like French but yay for diversity haha
It's huge which is cool.
I love winter- everything about it so that is fun
I love wearing sweaters in the summer and drinking hot cocoa with my breakfast on July 1st.
I love the people that I know there- I have a great family and friends.
I love that I have had roommates that judge an entire country by me and the handful of other Canadians that they have met (I had one roommate tell me that all Canadians were attractive and nice people- I can confidently deny that statement)
I love that we have a Prime Minister and Premiers- especially since Alberta's Premier used to be a drunk- and unless I am seriously mistaken he was considered to be a pertty good one- yay for politics!
I think its hilarious how people can be so ignorant about a country
I love that we have different words for certain things- pencil crayons, garburators (how on earth do you spell that?), washrooms, scribblers, Kraft Dinner, soothers, and so many more that I can't even think of because they are all so normal to me- and that so many people get so confused by them.

But! You know what I don't love?
I don't love that Canadians get so worked up about the fact that Americans don't know everything about our country. Do I know everything about China? Or Mexico? Or France? or even Canada? No- isn't it a tad bit unreasonable to expect others to know what we ourselves don't know?
I don't love when I meet people from Canada and they expect me to have the same intense ego driven belief that Canada is leaps and bounds above any other place in the world when I haven't experienced enough of anywhere else, or even Canada to make those judgments.
I especially don't love when people get into arguments about how we are better. Remember how annoying it is to argue about things that can never reach a conclusion? Well I certainly do.

So when I get crabby about Canadians that are too intense for me, I remember all those great things that I love and I remember that even if some are annoying there are some pretty kick-a Canadians- like me. ;)

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  1. This post made me so happy! And home sick.... I love Canada too!!