Saturday, October 11, 2014

A pumpkin patch!

Cornbelly's! It was so good this year! 
Jake's dad is in town for a few days so last night we went to cornbellys. We were pretty excited about it because Mikey had been taking about a pumpkin patch for weeks. Seriously weeks. I'm considering making "pumpkin" a swear word in my house so I will stop hearing it all the time.  
The entire time we were there Mikey kept being like pumpkin? Mama I want a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. But in the mean time we went in the kiddy maze, went in the corn kernel beach thing, watched the pig races and a bunch of other things.  Mikey ran too fast in the maze and I lost him for a minute which was significantly less fun than the rest of the trip but Mikey thought it was hilarious. Adam was obsessed with this mechanical band thing. He was dancing around and nothing could distract him from this band
 It was adorable. Natalie was a good little girl just hanging out in her stroller. Also Abby and Jake's dad provided a delightful little picnic for us so that was great. It is so awesome that you can bring food in. And to end a great night, they did a fireworks show. Now I don't love fireworks like the rest of the Logan's do but I do really love watching my kids watch them. They are all just so awestruck by them and I love it. There is something so special about watching your kids experience something magical. :)
Now just a few pictures. I forgot my camera and I really hate the camera on my phone so I took just a few.
Adam watching the silly mechanical band.

Mikey was just so excited.

They loved that corn kernel beach thing. I liked it okay except they kept eating it which was but cool.
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  1. Oh my gosh I was so scared I would lose Grant at some point. Did they give your kids bands so you could write your cell number in there in case they did run off??? Genius!