Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby Month

It's baby month.
I literally have never been this anxious for anything in my life.
Not my wedding
Not my first baby
Not high school or college graduation
I just gotta get this baby outta me.
I just want to hug him
And play with him
And watch Jake get all nervous because babies are so little
And I want to see Mikey point at him and go bah-bah like he does to all babies- even on tv
My due date is Dec 22.
I am praying that I will have him by the 10th.
That'd put me at 38 weeks.
I think that would be good.
Let's all think good thoughts about the 10th.
Well or the 9th.
Or 8th.
Or any single digit date in December.
We picked a middle name
which turns out makes me more anxious than before
Adam Pōki`i Logan
that's the best I can do in terms of how to say it.
maybe we'll talk in person and I'll say it for you.
Or even better, Jake will.
I suck at Hawaiian. Just ask my sister in law. I can't say my nieces name.
And even worse, I can't hear why it's wrong.
I was made for english it would seem)
His initials will be APL- pronounced apple obviously.
It means beloved little brother.
I am gonna need Jake to explain it to me a little better.
It comes from a speech that King Kamehameha gave
 "I mua e nā pōkiʻi a inu i ka wai ʻawaʻawa. ʻAʻohe hope e hoʻi mai ai"
Go foward my younger siblings and drink of the bitter waters. There is no retreating.
I think it's nice.
I like that is has a story
Plus Adam Pōki`i has a nice sound to it.

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