Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Baby Story

Disclaimer: This is a long post so if you skip the words and only look at the pictures, I won't judge- or even know.

Adam Pōki`i Logan
Born 4:08 am
20 inches
9lbs 1 oz
Doesn't he look so much like Mikey? I mean he is a lot bigger but still, crazy right? I had Jake take a picture of Adam on the scale just like Mikey so we could really see how similar they look.
Mikey Boy!
18.5 inches and 7lbs 6oz
Baby Adam!

So! Let me tell you all about this. On December 15 I was 39 weeks so I went into the hospital for an elective induction. I got in at about 7am and I was checked and at under 2 cm, posterior, and 70% effaced- not exactly the best start to an induction but I was still started on the pitocin.  My contractions started hard and fast at just the smallest dose and me and Jake were thrilled. We were going to have a baby! But by 3pm, I still hadn't progressed so they turned the pitocin off and once they started it again, the contractions never did. My doctor came in and told me that if I didn't start progressing in the next hour or so I was going to be sent home. Not going lie, as disappointed as I was, I was mostly just so ready to go home, eat and lay in my bed crying while Jake held me.
So we left at about 7pm. We bought sandwiches and Krispy Kremes and watched White Collar on the living room floor.
I cried for a few days.
I cramped and contracted too.
  I went into the clinic on December 26 and they told me I was scheduled for a... citatec? induction late at night, around 11 pm, on Friday the 28th and no matter what happened, we were coming home with a baby this time.
We arranged for Jake's brother and his wife to watch Mikey while we were at the hospital
Well Friday night we were eating dinner and playing a game and the hospital called and my induction time was changed until 8pm! Wahoo!
We got to the hospital a little after 8, I was checked and still only a measly 2 cm, 70% effaced and way off to the left this time. My nurse Jessica, who was fantastic, started the medicine with the plan that I would get a second dose in 3 hours, a third dose in 3 more and then after 4 hours, I would get started on the pitocin.  After 3 hours, I had progressed one cm so they did another dose and man oh man did that stuff hurt. After about an hour, at 1am,  I called the nurse for an epidural because the pain was just too much for me. Dr. Stephensen came in and he was great too. He gave me the epidural and told us all kinds of different stories about crazy labors which stressed out Jessica really bad so she got the labor cart all ready, just in case I started progressing too fast.
And what a good plan that was. The epidural was not working at all. I could feel my legs going numb but the contractions were just as bad, maybe worse. They figured that I was going too fast for the epidural to work. They checked me again and I was 4 cm. They called Dr Somers to come in and break my water, but she lives about 40 minutes away. The epidural still wouldn't work. He kept giving me booster shots and told us stories about his travels to try and distract me from the pain. Dr Somers got to the hospital about 35 minutes later and I was 5 cm. It was 3:15am, and she broke my water and the pain just would not stop. I was basically in tears. And then to add insult to injury, Adam's heart rate started getting really inconsistent. He didn't have enough oxygen to make it through my contractions that were coming about every 1 to 1.5 minutes. Nuts. They wanted to slow my labor down because Adam wasn't doing well and we needed more time between contractions for him to try to get more oxygen. They gave me a shot of some medicine but it didn't work at all. We were pretty nervous. They were constantly moving me around to try to get Adam into a better position and I finally told the nurse that I was in too much pain. We checked me again and I was 10 cm! I did 5 cm in 35 minutes. It was 3:50a and my doctors attending physician just got there (my doc is a resident so another doctor had to be in the delivery room with her). I started pushing at 4 which was such a relief because Adam couldn't get enough oxygen. I pushed for 6 or 7 minutes and then they told me that Adam had very mild shoulder distortia (?) which just means that his shoulders were too big. I had to push a lot harder (luckily my epidural was extremely effective- I couldn't even feel pressure- awesome!) and he came out. A little blue and his cord was double wrapped around his neck with a lot of fluid in his lungs.
But good news- they got it all out of his lungs, the cord was unwrapped, cut and Adam turned pink.
Now he is doing great! Big and great! Mom and Dad are seriously tired, since we didn't get to sleep at all before I delivered but it was worth it.
Now the fun part! Pictures!
Mikey is very intrigued by Adam already. Giving him a kiss!

Our most recent family picture! Mikey does really well with being gentle and just smiles at Adam all the time

Just checking him out before he goes in for another kiss. He wanted to hold Adam and he actually did really well, kept his hand under his head the whole time

Adam stole my bed. But look at how cute! Wide awake and everything!
Adam is doing really well. Big baby, big eater, good sleeper. Likes to cuddle up in Jake's arm just like Mikey did- Jake is excited about it.
I am doing well too. Sore but that is completely to be expected. He is a big baby after all.
Wish us luck on our new adventure.
Hope you all have a great New Years!


  1. The boys are both so cute. We love all 4 of you. Happy New Year

  2. He seriously is so sweet! I'm so happy for you! XO

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!